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Workers Walkout

Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out

Alicia Lara works the drive-thru at a Jack In The Box in Sacramento. The 55-year-old mother of four says the air conditioning unit inside the restaurant tends to conk out when she needs it most, including during a recent mid-June heat wave. According to Lara, the unit was not working on June 18 when the outside temperature soared well above 100 degrees. The open window at the drive-thru brought little relief, and she feared for the safety of her co-worker laboring over the grill. “Most of the heat is in the kitchen and at the fryers,” she told HuffPost. “Even if we open the window, it’s still too hot.” Lara was one of several workers affiliated with the Fight for $15 who protested outside the restaurant on Tuesday, saying they were walking off the job because the air conditioner still wasn’t working properly.

Workers At Amazon Center In Minnesota Walk Out

Minnesota - About two dozen Amazon employees in Shakopee walked off their jobs Thursday night to support a colleague whom they said was unjustly fired earlier this week. The former employee, Farhiyo Warsame, also showed up at the walkout as her colleagues chanted her name.  The employees chanted, clapped, and confronted a manager about Farhiyo’s termination for two hours, through chilly temperatures and darkness. As Farhiyo spoke to the crowd in front of the building, an operations manager with the company, flanked by a pair of other employees wearing neon vests, came out the front door.

Wayfair’s Walkout Against Concentration Camps

Hundreds of Wayfair workers in Boston walked out on Wednesday to protest their company’s complicity in Trump's migrant detention camps on the border. We spoke with walkout leader Maddie Howard about the workers’ decision to take action on the job against the camps. Hundreds of workers at the online retailer Wayfair walked out of their jobs yesterday to protest their company’s decision to sell beds to migrant detention camps on the US-Mexico border. Their action received support from Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — AOC tweeted: “[t]his is what solidarity looks like — a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.”
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