Black Alliance For Peace Stands In Revolutionary Solidarity With The People Of Bolivia

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

The Black Alliance for Peace condemns the U.S. sponsored counter-revolutionary coup in Bolivia. The right-wing ruling elite of Bolivia with the full support of the bipartisan right-wing U.S. [...]

War And Militarism Are Class Issues

By Ajamu Baraka. -

As a Black working-class oriented alliance residing in the center of empire and committed to peace and abolishing war, repression and imperialism, we are quite clear about how we see the world [...]

The Iranian Working Class: History And Tasks Today

By Staff, -

The Iranian workers’ movement dates back 120 years. One of the earliest strikes involving eleven thousand oil industry workers took place sometime between 1923 and 1930. This strike was organized [...]

10 Reasons The Gilets Jaunes Are The Real Deal

By David Studdert, -

We live in a world where democracy is a threat and freedom is a punishment, where you can’t tell a turd from a diamond, where 5G is trumpeted even as it threatens to kill us, where the prevailing [...]

Renewing Working-Class Internationalism

By Aziz Rana, -

Trump’s 2016 victory has generated a growing internal debate within left-leaning circles about the future direction of the Democratic Party. To date, this debate has overwhelmingly focused on [...]

The Cost of Employer Insurance Is A Growing Burden For Middle-Income Families

By Sara R. Collins and David C. Radley, -

Recent national surveys show health care costs are a top concern in U.S. households.1 While the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces receive a lot of media and political attention, the truth is [...]

The Working Class Strikes Back

By Chris Wright, -

Reading the daily headlines, it’s easy to forget that the corollary of a civilization in precipitous decline is a world of creative ferment, a new world struggling to be born. If you could have a [...]

Fracking Boom Takes Toll On Pennsylvania’s Communities Of Color And Lower-Income Areas

By Mark Hand, -

The construction of new natural gas-fired power plants in Pennsylvania is disproportionately harming lower-income populations in rural parts of the state, while communities of color are [...]

Re-Centering Anti-War And Anti-Imperialism As Working Class Issues

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

Today is the day that the multi-national, multi-racial working classes express solidarity with all those who labor, who have nothing but their labor power to sell in order to eke out a living for [...]

Day 3 Of Countdown To Launch: Mani Martinez

By Mani Martinez, www.PopularResistance -

By Mani Martinez for Popular Resistance. Because I am involved in putting up a great deal of the articles that are on Popular Resistance, my scope of political issues has been incredibly [...]

IWW Miners Of Jerome & Bisbee Loaded Into Cattle Cars & Deported From State Of Arizona

By Janet Raye, -

By Janet Raye for We Never Forget - The above photograph shows more than 1000 working class men, mostly members of the Metal Mine Workers Industrial Union of the Industrial Workers of the World, [...]

Why Net Neutrality Is A Working-Class Issue

By Bryan Mercer, -

By Bryan Mercer for In These Times - You might have noticed your browsing experience was interrupted by a call-to-action on Wednesday, July 12. Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, OKCupid and hundreds of [...]

Redneck Revolt Builds Anti-Racist Working Class White Movement

By Jared Ware, -

By Jared Ware for Shadow Proof - In the infancy of the Trump presidency, a new community defense network is espousing anti-racist and anti-capitalist politics to build coalitions in cities, small [...]

Here To Stay: Immigrant Workers Demand Justice, Respect On May Day

By Anne Meador and John Zangas, -

By Anne Meador and John Zangas for DC Media Group - Thousands of people marched in the streets of Washington, DC to celebrate May Day, the holiday often known as International Workers’ Day, with [...]

Heavily Armed Left-Wing Group Shows Up At Pro-Trump Rally

By Jacob Steinblatt, -

By Jacob Steinblatt for Vocativ - A heavily armed left-wing group, the John Brown Gun Club, made a surprise appearance over the weekend at a pro-Trump rally being held in Phoenix, Arizona with a [...]

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