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World Court

No More German Contribution To The Genocide In Gaza!

Let's raise our protest, loud and clear, during the  Hearings of the Nicaragua (April 8, 2024) and Germany (April 9, 2024) cases before the ICJ in The Hague against Germany's complicity and assistance in Israel's genocide. On these two days, rallies and vigils will be organized in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague and in front of many embassies and consulates of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad. This background to the proceedings before the International Court of Justice can and will also be highlighted in the days and weeks before and after the planned Palestine Solidarity events - particularly in Germany but also internationally.

International Coalition To Stop Genocide In Palestine Global Call

On March 17, the International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine (ICSGP) held its first Global Call to Action as a webinar simultaneously translated into five languages. The goals of the meeting were to share ways that groups are working to build public support for an end to Israel's genocidal acts, provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians and amplify the global anti-colonial, anti-imperial movement. The ICSGP convened in late December, 2023 to push for Israel to be held accountable under the Genocide Convention for its acts in Palestine.

As US Veto Power Enables Genocide, There Are Options to Protect Gaza

As Israel continues its genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza — with the death toll now exceeding 20,000 (about 70 percent women and children) — the world seems powerless to stop the slaughter. The Biden administration, Israel’s chief enabler, defanged the resolution that was ultimately passed by the UN Security Council on December 22, rendering it merely symbolic. The final resolution calls for humanitarian assistance but not for a ceasefire which would allow aid to reach the people of Gaza. The U.S. saved diplomatic face by not employing its customary veto, but it did not vote for the resolution, electing instead to abstain.
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