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World War 3

Biden Sliding Towards World War III

Joe Biden is a very dangerous man indeed. In his many years of public service, first in the United States Senate then as Vice President, and now President, he was never thought of as being very smart. He was always a doctrinaire cold warrior wedded to the idea that the United States must have “primacy,” that is to say, dominate the whole world. He is a racist and a mediocrity who rose to the presidency by reassuring the ruling class that he would be forever loyal to their interests. Having said that, perhaps he differs from other presidents and the rest of the political class only in his hapless manner, and his obvious cognitive impairments.

‘World War 3 Has Already Started’ Between US And Russia/China

Emmanuel Todd is a widely respected anthropologist and historian in France. In 2022, Todd published a book titled “The Third World War Has Started” (“La Troisième Guerre mondiale a commencé” in French). At the moment, it is only available in Japan. But Todd outlined the main arguments he made in the book in a French-language interview with the major newspaper Le Figaro, conducted by the journalist Alexandre Devecchio. According to Todd, the proxy war in Ukraine is “existential” not only for Russia, but also for the United States. The US “imperial system” is weakening in much of the world, he observed, but this is leading Washington to “strengthen its hold on its initial protectorates”: Europe and Japan.
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