Worldwide Wave Of Action Progress Report

By WaveofAction, -

When the crowdsourced #WaveOfAction campaign was being planned for April 4th – July 4th, we were confident that it was going to be a pivotal strategic timeframe based on the amount of activists [...]

Economics, Values and Our Collective Fate

By Daniel Schmachtenberger, -

Underneath and driving all of the major problems in our world is the fact that people are more financially incentivized to perpetuate them than to solve them. As long as killing a whale confers a [...]

Green Rush Joins The World Wide Wave Of Action

By Ashley Curtin, -

Spawning from the Worldwide Wave of Action comes a new campaign for the 99 percent. A movement aimed at concrete radical reform, the Green Rush is promoting a new economy by and for the 99 [...]

Worldwide #WaveOfAction Begins, Third Organizer Call Today

By Staff, -

Below is a photo essay and video about the Worldwide#WaveOfAction. We are sure these are not all of the events but these are the ones that have been reported on the Worldwide Wave of Action [...]

Wave Of Action Re-Energizes New York Activism

By John Zangas, -

In spite of raw and rainy weather, several hundred activists participated in Wave of Action events last weekend in New York. April 4 kicked off a three-month period of heightened activism, which [...]

Will Wave Of Action Become Nightmare For The 1%?

By Jerry, -

What will prove to be either the last gasp of the Occupy Movement, or its Renaissance as a social powerhouse, will lie in the success and its embrace of a highly-publicized #WaveOfAction which [...]

Worldwide #WaveOfAction Begins Today

By Susie Madrak, -

The Worldwide Wave of Action begins on April 4 at "former occupation sites around the world." A music video was released yesterday by elements of Anonymous along with Ice Cube, Eminem, and [...]

World Wide Wave Of Action Looks To New Iberia, Louisiana

By Dylan Ratigan, -

New Iberia has been an impoverished, rural, racially divided area along the Bayou in Louisiana for some time. Like countless communities worldwide, it was severely lacking available fresh local [...]

Vigil For Political Prisoners and Movement Martyrs

By Anon, -

Join local peace activists as they join the World Wide Wave of Action with a candle light vigil & silent night march from Foley Square to the NY Veterans Memorial to raise awareness about those [...]

Video: #WaveOfAction Into The Light

By Staff, -

Charlie Chaplin rides the #WaveOfAction ~ Part 1: "Hannah, can you hear me? Wherever you are, look up, Hannah. The clouds are lifting. The sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the [...]