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Yes Men

Adidas Exposed By Impostors At Tech Conference

This Wednesday, an "adidas executive" named "Aristide Feldholt" (actually Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men) announced to a huge, standing-room-only crowd at Web Summit — the self-described "largest tech conference in the world" — that adidas would reward tens of thousands of underpaid sweatshop workers, many of whom are owed significant backpay and severance by letting them frolic in a deeply weird VR world called the "adiVerse," paying for it with a cryptocurrency generated by a tiny chip implanted into their bodies. "Aristide" was joined onstage by the multi-platinum "DJ Marshmello" (actually Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men), who dropped his new single, "All Day I Dream (About Back Pay)."

‘Paul Wolfowitz’ Tells Newsmax The Afghanistan War Wasted Two Trillion Dollars

NewsmaxTV today allowed a fake Paul Wolfowitz to spend 11 minutes telling its hundreds of thousands of viewers that the $2.1T war in Afghanistan, begun by his administration in 2001, was a complete waste of money. “The next time we have two trillion dollars lying around, let’s spend it on something useful like health care or education,” said “Wolfowitz” to Tom Basile, live on the air. Here below is a partial transcript of the interview. For more on the interview and its fallout, visit Tom, there's been a lot of focus on how Biden ended this war in Afghanistan, and on what we have to do now — but very little about the FACT that Biden did end this war. Now we do have to rescue our allies. Every single Afghan who needs to get out of there should be able to do so. But Tom, what our piece in the Wall Street Journal is really about is that a sitting president, in the office of president, unnecessarily ended a war — for no reason at all. Because let's be honest, Tom — there just aren't a lot of things that ordinary Americans can be proud of these days.

Ed Snowden Pardoned, Visits Los Angeles

By the Yes Lab - On Saturday, a capacity crowd at the Los Angeles Convention Center saw Edward Snowden make a surprise in-person public appearance, his first on U.S. soil since receiving a pardon from President Obama last week. The crowd at thebi-partisan event immediately burst into cheers, jumped to their feet, and rushed in to take Snowden's photo. US presidents have pardoned thousands of people accused of or convicted of crimes, often because their actions were deemed to be in the public interest. "Edward Snowden's actions launched an extraordinary global debate and led to the most significant reforms in intelligence oversight in a generation," said Ben Wizner of the ACLU. "He should be thanked, not charged with espionage and locked in a cage."

Yes Lab Workshop: Creative Direct Action for Climate Justice

Saturday, September 20th 10:45a-12:15p NYC Climate Convergence 16 Beaver, 4th Floor FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC In the lead up to #PeoplesClimate March on 9/21, we're particpating in a day of teach-ins and workshops. JOIN US! Formed by The Yes Men, the Yes Lab helps activists and organizations carry out media-getting direct actions. In this workshop, we will share some juicy nuggets of how we develop effective, fun and meaningful actions that you can use for raising climate awareness. We'll also preview our brand new tool, the Action Switchboard, which is a human moderated online platform that will be released next month. It will allow you to initiate and join direct political actions, connect with supportive NGOs, receive training and resources to help put important issues into the spotlight, and share stories of your actions. Join Andy and the Yes Lab team to be among the first to get a peek!
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