Occupy Biden Activists Will Rally On January 1

By Occupy Biden, Popular Resistance. -

This week, environmental advocates addressed intensifying fossil fuel pollution, climate injustices, and the Biden administration’s failure to take the lead on climate crisis solutions during the [...]

COP26: On The Outside, Always Looking In

By Chito Arceo, YACAP. -

As the first-ever person from my city to attend the biggest summit in the world about climate change, the hype was real. My friends and family were very much eager to see what would happen in the [...]

The Imperial Legacy Of Climate Change

By Larissa Kennedy, Tribune Magazine. -

The student movement is no stranger to protests and direct action. From marching against South African apartheid to fighting for justice for workers, students have a long history of daring to [...]

Activist Interview: The Life Force, And The ‘Pipe Filled With Poison’

By Patricia Lane, National Observer. -

Shay Lynn Sampson is determined she won’t be telling her children what salmon used to taste like or what it was like to live close to their land. She is one of the Indigenous people [...]

How To Fight For A Better World When Hope Feels Scarce

By Katey Lauer, Waging Nonviolence. -

This question of what we do doesn’t exactly feel like it gets at the heaviness that’s in me, that’s in us. I’ve spent the last three years asking, in the face of enormous difficulty, “What do we [...]

Rainbow Warrior To Defy Glasgow Port By Sailing To COP26

By The Canary. -

If the voyage is successful, the four youth activists on the Rainbow Warrior plan to meet fellow members of the Fridays for Future climate strike movement on 1 November outside the summit to [...]

Activism Needs To Be Part Of Any Meaningful Climate Education

By Nick Engelfried, Waging Nonviolence. -

Last month, crowds of young people and supporters gathered in 1,500 locations around the world for one of the largest youth-led climate protests since countries began emerging from the most [...]

Youth Activists Confront Shell CEO At TED Talk

By Abbi Garton-Crosbie, The National. -

Environmental campaigners took over the stage at the TED Countdown conference in Edinburgh which was hosting a panel discussion with Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden. The activists say [...]

Big Banks Are Funding Fossil Fuel Projects — Let’s Hold Them Accountable

By Katie Eder And Shannon Carlson, Teen Vogue. -

The biggest banks are using your money to fund the climate crisis. We have seen this story before. In 2008, the recklessness of megabanks sank the global economic system. Now, in 2021, the youth [...]

In Central York, Kids Rose Up To Save Books From Their Parents

By Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer. -

The mess in the Central York School District, which includes several suburban townships just north of York, in a county where Donald Trump won 62% of the vote, started after some parents and [...]

Students March For Pathway To Citizenship At ‘Welcome Back Congress’

By Ryan White, Diamondback News. -

A steady chorus of drums and symbols filled Benjamin Banneker Park in Washington, D.C., as the sun peaked in the overcast sky above. A sea of protesters joined the beat and began [...]

California Kids To Teachers’ Pension Fund: Divest From Oil

By Marcy Winograd, Common Dreams. -

The kids are mad as hell—and so are teachers who want their California teacher pension fund, CalSTRS, to join 1,000 other institutions collectively divesting $14.5 trillion from the fossil fuel [...]

Youth Descend On Homes Of Feinstein And Pelosi To Demand Climate Corps

By Nora Mishanec and Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle. -

San Francisco - A group of youth climate activists scattered wildfire ashes on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco porch Monday, a final act of civil disobedience at the end of a 266-mile march [...]

Youth Launch ‘Stronger Campaign’ For UN Biodiversity Day

By Alison Kentish, Inter Press Service News Agency. -

International Day for Biological Diversity is observed on May 22 under the theme ‘we’re part of the solution.’ A network of youth groups is informing policymakers that young people are tired of [...]

Israel-Palestine: A New Generation Says ‘Enough Is Enough’

By Azzam Tamimi, Middle East Eye. -

This is not the first war between Gaza and the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. It is the fourth major confrontation in less than 13 years - but this one is different. Firstly, it was Hamas [...]