Halt To Youth Climate Lawsuit Inspires Nationwide Resistance

By Alexandra Jacobo, Nationofchange.org -

The three-year-long case has survived countless obstacles and the 21 youth plaintiffs don't plan on backing down now. This week should have been the start to the three-year-long landmark youth [...]

Youth Plaintiffs File Response With Supreme Court Pointing To Government’s Serious Mischaracterization Of ​​Juliana v. United States

By Staff, OurChildrensTrust.org -

Eugene, Oregon -- Today, attorneys for youth plaintiffs in the landmark climate lawsuit, Juliana v. United States, filed their response with the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, [...]

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

Such important news from the Korean peninsula. The heads of government of North and South Korea have agreed not only that ‘the era of no war has started’, but they have come up with a series of [...]

Today’s College Students Are Paying More For Less

By Lawrence Wittner, History News Network -

Despite the soaring costs of attending American colleges and universities, their students are receiving an education that falls far short of the one experienced by earlier generations. The [...]

These Youth Are Suing Their State For A Livable Future

By Nature's Trust Rhode Island. -

Providence, RI—Nature’s Trust Rhode Island, a youth-driven campaign for the legal right to a healthy climate, joined by Sisters of Mercy Ecology, today initiated legal action to compel the State [...]

Judge Dismisses Youth Climate Change Lawsuit In Washington State

By Georgina Gustin, Insideclimatenews.org -

A group of young climate advocates who sued the state of Washington to force it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lost their case on Tuesday when a judge sided with the state and agreed to [...]

The Curfew Myth

By Ivonne Roman, Themarshallproject.org -

It’s a summer ritual in many American cities — declaring a juvenile curfew to keep troublemaking teenagers off the streets. This summer at least one city—Austin—has decided not to sound the [...]

Supreme Court Refuses To Halt A Climate Change Lawsuit Brought By Children And Teenagers

By Jack Herrera, Psmag.com -

The United States Supreme Court on Monday refused to halt a lawsuit that represents a novel attempt by children and teenagers to sue the federal government over its inaction on climate change. [...]

Navajo Nation Hosts Third Annual Youth And Elder Summit

By Staff, Nativenewsonline.net -

WINDOW ROCK—The Navajo Nation hosted the third annual Youth and Elder Summit on June 28-29 at the Navajo Nation Museum to help bridge the gap between youth and elders. “Our elders are so valuable [...]

Outraged By Kids In Cages? Look At Our Entire Juvenile Justice System.

By Cara H. Drinan, Huffingtonpost.com -

Last week, the nation witnessed an abrupt reversal from the White House. After claiming for days that he did not have the authority to address the family separation crisis at the border, [...]

16 And Life. And Then Some.

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

Bobby Bostic won’t be eligible for parole until he’s 112. He’s more than 20 years into a 241-year sentence for crimes committed in 1995 when he was 16 years old. On Monday April 23rd, the Supreme [...]

Today’s Youth Reject Capitalism, But What Do They Want To Replace It?

By Joseph Blasi and Douglas L. Kruse, Theconversation.com -

Today’s youth are increasingly unhappy with the way their elders are running the world. Their ire was most recently expressed when thousands of teenagers and others across the country marched on [...]

Change Is Coming

By Robert C. Koehler, Commonwonders.com -

The cries of loss and anguish become public, at last. A million young people seize the truth: “Half of my seventh grade class was affected by gun violence. My own brother was shot in the head. I [...]

Students, Youth Speak About War, Inequality At DC March For Our Lives Rally

By Tom Hall, Wsws.org -

An estimated 800,000 people descended on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC for the national March for Our Lives rally on Saturday. The turnout for the DC march, the largest of 800 [...]

Shut Down Firing Ranges in US High Schools

By Pat Elder, Popular Resistance -

The Army taught Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz how to shoot a lethal weapon in his high school cafeteria when he was 14. Nik was a member of the school’s U.S. Army JROTC Marksmanship Program. JROTC [...]