How Can Movements Effectively Counter Co-Optation?

By Farai Maguwu and Gabriel Dayley, -

In June 2018, residents of Marange—a region in Zimbabwe known for one of the world’s largest diamond deposits—planned a major demonstration at the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) [...]

Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai, Sanctions And Capitalism

By Mafa Kwanisai Mafa, -

About a month ago Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique were devastated by a tropical cyclone that was described by the United Nations as one of the worst disasters ever to strike the Southern [...]

Zimbabwe Witnessing An Elite Transition As Economic Meltdown Looms

By Patrick Bond, -

By Patrick Bond for Counter Punch - In Harare, Bulawayo and smaller Zimbabwean cities, hundreds of thousands of citizens joyfully took to the streets on Saturday, November 18, approving a [...]

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Sidelined By Military Coup

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

By Bruce A. Dixon for Black Agenda Report - Amid some brief gunfire and few explosions military spokespeople in Zimbabwe declared Wednesday that President Robert Mugabe and his wife were safely [...]

The High Price Of Desertification: 23 Hectares Of Land A Minute

By Busani Bafana, -

By Busani Bafana for IPS - BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Jun 15 2017 (IPS) - Urban farmer Margaret Gauti Mpofu would do anything to protect the productivity of her land. Healthy soil means she is assured [...]

Zimbabwe Activist Missing After Abduction In Unmarked Truck

By David Smith, -

Fears are growing for the safety of a political activist in Zimbabwe reported to have been abducted by five unidentified men almost a week ago and bundled into an unmarked truck near his [...]

Journalist Continues With ‘Occupy Africa Unity Square’ Protest

By Nehanda Radio, -

Dzamara who is the editor of The News Leader newspaper was arrested Friday after he called on President Robert Mugabe to step down in a petition that was delivered to the presidential Munhumutapa [...]