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Take Action: End The Drug War

The time has to come to pull the trigger on my new video and campaign: JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs.

The video goes live today.

Video Link on YouTube

The video, JUST SAY NO …to the War on Drugs, links to how people can take action to tell Congress to pass the bipartisan SMARTER SENTENCING ACT. The letter to Members of Congress says “This bill will save taxpayer dollars, improve public safety, reduce dangerous overcrowding in federal prisons, and rethink unproductive mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. Mandatory minimums help drive America’s unsustainably large prison population of over 2.3 million people. The U.S. has only 5% of the world’s population yet holds 25% of its prisoners, many of them nonviolent, often serving longer sentences than those convicted of rape and murder. This is not only senseless and unjust; it wastes valuable resources that could be better spent by law enforcement to prevent violent crime.”

Help end the drug war, share this article and video. Take action today.

Now is the perfect moment for you to share the link with all your followers.

This will hopefully kick viewership into gear on YouTube and get tons of people clicking to send their personal letters to Congress.  Here is a direct link to the letter

Huffington and Upworthy are going to feature/brand Just Say No all week next week in connection with a huge amount of Drug War coverage, blogs, etc.  So ideally, it will all become a perfect storm; people will watch, then click, enter their info, and automatically send an email to Congress.  If this happens, Congress will see themselves getting hundreds of thousands of emails in advance of the Smarter Sentencing vote.  That’s a home run.

I think this is a huge opportunity to deal another fatal blow to the Drug War and I think we can see some real and inspiring results.  Below is some information to make things quick and easy.



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Here are the two links:

Video to JUST SAY NO on YouTube:

Direct link to automated LETTER TO CONGRESS:



  • Just Say NO!  Best video ever on why we need to end the War on Drugs:  #SmarterSentencing


  • Just Say NO!  Join millions who agree the Drug War has failed:  #SmarterSentencing

And here is SAMPLE FACEBOOK LANGUAGE to accompany the VIDEO:

  • “The Drug War Must End.  Clink the link at the end and tell Congress to Act.”


  • “Finally, something we can all DO to end the War on Drugs!”


  • “The Only Thing Both Parties Can Agree On: The War on Drugs Has Failed.”

Please encourage your friends to tweet and post BOTH the Video Link AND the Congressional letter Link.  The main goal of the video is to encourage people to write to Congress.  So whatever gets them there.

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