Take Action To Protect Our Internet!

We must act quickly to stop Chairman Pai from removing net neutrality protections on May 18. Please use the simple tool below to send him a message.

If you care about net neutrality, visit ProtectOurInternet.org and sign up for the campaign.

And if  you are in the Washington, DC area, visit our Facebook Page* to find information about upcoming actions in the Event section. Actions are planned for May 7, 14, 16 and 18. Contact Info@popularresistance.org.

*Facebook removed our event page. From May 14 to 17, we will hold a net neutrality vigil from 4 to 6 pm outside Chairman Pai’s house at 4868 Old Dominion Dr. in Arlington, VA. This is a highly-trafficked street. We urge you to join us if you can and spread the word to others who are in the area. On May 18, the morning of the FCC’s public hearing, we will sit-in at the FCC before the meeting to non-violently block the entrance in opposition to dismantling net neutrality. Meet at the FCC at 445 12th St., SW in Washington, DC at 9 am on May 18 to participate.