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We must act quickly to stop Chairman Pai from removing net neutrality protections on May 18. Please use the simple tool below to send him a message.

If you care about net neutrality, visit ProtectOurInternet.org and sign up for the campaign.

And if  you are in the Washington, DC area, visit our Facebook Page* to find information about upcoming actions in the Event section. Actions are planned for May 7, 14, 16 and 18. Contact Info@popularresistance.org.

*Facebook removed our event page. From May 14 to 17, we will hold a net neutrality vigil from 4 to 6 pm outside Chairman Pai’s house at 4868 Old Dominion Dr. in Arlington, VA. This is a highly-trafficked street. We urge you to join us if you can and spread the word to others who are in the area. On May 18, the morning of the FCC’s public hearing, we will sit-in at the FCC before the meeting to non-violently block the entrance in opposition to dismantling net neutrality. Meet at the FCC at 445 12th St., SW in Washington, DC at 9 am on May 18 to participate.

  • mwildfire

    Come on. Why would this VeriZon lawyer and outspoken enemy of net neutrality care in the least how many emails he gets opposing what he intends to do–hand the internet over to the telecoms he still unofficially works for? He knows we oppose this, of course. He knows there was big uproar last time it was tried, which actually stopped it. He knows it would hurt the interests of almost everyone–and he doesn’t care. Pointing out that we don’t want it, how is that supposed to help? We need a credible threat to something he does care about, or a way to foment an alternative company that promises no selling of information and no slow lanes, and thus gets all the customers. But I guess the infrastructure’s too expensive for that to work in many places…

  • kevinzeese

    Emails to Pai serve multiple purposes. First they get people aware of the issue. Second, get people active. Third, they lead to more actions. A campaign is not one step it is lots of steps. Pai has to survive politically. Right now, he is lying to the conservative base. Net neutrality actually promotes conservative values, freedom on the Internet, competition on the Net, room for start-up businesses to compete, a place where entrepreneurs can try out ideas, competition in media . . . Pai is planning on winning by treating his base as a monolith and making this a partisan issue. Polls during our 2014/15 campaign showed 85% of Republicans supported net neutrality. Pai is lying to a group that knows better. If we awaken that base and they start to tell Republican legislators, the tide will turn against Pai. Do not judge an email campaign as the only action — it is part of a campaign that must grow and it is a step toward the growth we need.

  • Margaret Flowers

    This is a multifaceted campaign and this is just one way for people to get involved. Pai is nervous about this move. It is necessary to show that the people won’t tolerate this.

  • gigi

    We thought we had this issue –net neutrality– settled! Now we have to start over ??? Tirelessly, we will!

  • DHFabian

    It was. What was resolved, is now being un-done.

  • DHFabian

    In recent weeks, tens of thousands of emails, phone calls, petitions, etc., have been signed and sent. Pai isn’t interested. This issue has been ongoing for years, and what progress was achieved, is now being reversed.

  • DHFabian

    Here’s the question: If Pai moves ahead, what can people actually DO about it? Why would he, or anyone else, care about public opinion, as long as everyone behaves?

  • eight.of.wands

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc2ca786336e927f775c372c85229df55f1485198e83ad80708c8c74403cec4b.jpg A bountiful and combative life has taught me that NOTHING is ever settled….rightfully vanquished adversaries simply unvanquish themselves at the first opportunity for revenge, simple as that!….Nixon was disgraced, but the only lesson Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and the rest of them machiavellian mthrfckrs learned was: lurk in the closet and sharpen daggers til 1980 (Ronnie’s reign) and then again 2000 (Dummie’s reign)….our ignominious Vietnam War was repudiated so thoroughly and righteously that now we have a DOZEN of them, ALL over the world, waged in the hubris of resurgent pendejos….the Great Depression (outta control financial markets!) had to be subdued through Glass-Steagall regulations, so obviously even a moron could see that Glass-Steagall needed to be repealed at some point – thanks, Bill and Hill, you feral swine – to allow outta control financial markets to rape us all over again in 2008….and THEN we personally compensated our rapists at 1 trillion taxpayer dollars, i guess just to stick it in deeper and break it off…

    Yeah, nothing is ever settled….so smile, laugh, drink, and forever fight the good fight….win a few, lose a few…..but NEVER pass up a chance to smack down a villain any time, anyplace!!….fun for the whole family!

  • em

    It’s basic economics. The more heavily you regulate something, the less of it you’re likely to get

  • mikemiracle

    Why the banning of news sources like Drudge??? He only links to news outlets of other publications. Isn’t that free speech? Isn’t it an oxymoron?? Or are the protesters just paid shills of the dark state gov that is trying to overthrow and put in facist practices.
    Banning voices is fascist, or didn’t anyone read and learn in school?

  • Margaret Flowers

    We suspect the people who had those signs banning sites were the paid shills – poor job of dressing as “protesters”. We are clear in our advocacy for an Internet where all legal content is equal.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Be careful with absolutes – there’s nothing absolute about them.

    Here’s a good source to explain why net neutrality means non-discrimination and without net neutrality, there is unequal access. See http://www.nationalaffairs.com/publications/detail/keeping-the-internet-competitive to help you understand.

  • Justice PonZee

    We need to protect the internet from you people. Making it a public utility does not ban anyone you idiots. Go back to school and then get a job. Quit proving how stupid you are to the rest of the world.

  • Justice PonZee

    They don’t have a clue. The idea is to totally ignore them. Whatever they say has little to no value. That is obvious. They slept through too many classes and someone else paid for it all.

  • Justice PonZee

    What do you mean by “legal content”? Sounds like that means “approved content” to me. Heil Hitler!

  • Justice PonZee

    I know. You people are going to save us all (from yourselves) by hopefully dying at an early age.

  • Justice PonZee

    He cares about as much as you do. That is the crime here.

  • Justice PonZee

    “The people”? When did the people suddenly become unemployed children living in the basement? Give me a break!

  • eight.of.wands

    Haha, i ain’t goin’ anywhere for a lonnnng time, thanks to hard manual work, rock n roll, and sex…..the secret to immortality, my friend….too bad right wingers abhor all three…

  • Margaret Flowers

    No, it means content that is not illegal such as child pornography.

  • Contrarian

    Abolish the FCC and consumers will protect our internet. But what you guys want is control. Not only of our internet, but also of our speech, choices, information, etc. That makes you the enemy.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Don’t pay any attention to Dan, hiding as Justice PonZee, above. He is a frequent Internet commenter with over 100 flags. Some people would call that a troll, but I don’t like to call people names.

  • Dantes

    This organization is filled with Immature fools and morons, who are the real fascists. Thanks for outing yourselves.

  • Justice PonZee

    Try responding. Could you be the troll hiding under the bridge?

  • Wes Harris

    You guys are the biggest bunch of dumbshits I have seen. Study up on what “Net Neutrality” is before you starting picketing with banning signs like Drudge Report and Infowars. You people do realize that Net Neutrality gives them equal protection as much as other websites, don’t you? You just made laughing stocks of yourselves in the news! Lol.

  • Tatiana

    Other laws prohibit child pornography, etc. Government control/elimination of free speech is not the way to control crime.

  • imanamcan

    Love your lucid, cogent discussion points. (You can Google those adjectives) And you, doofus Justice have just proved your intelligence and education to one citizen of “the rest of the world.” It does actually exist outside the US borders. Those of us in “the rest of the world” enjoy far more reliable, accessible and affordable cellular and internet access thanks to governments not owned by telco and cable corporations. Run these facts by your oligarchic, right-wing paymasters.