Tax Bill To Preserve Critical Credits For Wind, Solar & Electric Vehicles

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Above Photo: The Bureau of Labor Statistics this fall listed solar installers and wind turbine technicians as the two fastest-growing occupations in the country. Credit: Dennis Schroeder/NREL

Despite the oil and gas industry’s push against renewable energy, the bill now headed for a vote in Congress keeps the incentives, but also includes Arctic drilling.

  • mwildfire

    Well, I’M not happy. The deal is we sacrifice ANWR to keep renewable credits–while increasing subsidies to fossil fuels and nukes, already higher than those for renewables–and I’m not including the externalities. Anyway, there was a deal to keep the credits for renewables in exchange for allowing offshore oil drilling–do we need to give the oil industry license to ravage any place it can smell oil, no matter the environmental cost, just to keep existing subsidies for renewables? I think many in the industry as well as environmentalists would sign on to this–let’s take away ALL the subsidies. Nothing for oil, coal, gas, nuclear power, wind or solar power or biofuels or hydro. Let them compete on a level playing field–which still ignores the huge subsidy fossil fuels and nukes get by ignoring their monstrous externalities, the environmental, climate, health and safety costs.