Tear Gas For BLM, Red Carpet For MAGA Marchers

We ask why police suddenly left all their tear gas and rubber bullets at the office while Trump supporters took to the streets for the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC.

Core organizer for BLM DC April Goggans, journalist Chuck Modiano, and TRNN investigative reporters Taya Graham and Stephen Janis join host Kim Brown.

Welcome to Burn It Down with Kim Brown. Striking video footage there in Washington, DC as the klan came to town. Oh, they weren’t the klan? Well, they kind of looked like the klan to me or at least the grandchildren of the klan. Trump supporters, white supremacists, Proud Boys, whatever you want to call them, took to the streets of DC to show their support for the President who is trying to steal the election. But the striking difference is that Black Lives Matter activists have been in the streets of the District of Columbia all summer long and they have been met with tear gas, with rubber bullets, with police violence but Trump supporters come to town, tear shit up in the city, start fights, provoke incidents and they get a warm welcome from Metropolitan Police.