Technology Research Firm Predicts Occupy On A Larger Scale

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Note: At Popular Resistance we see many signs of a growing movement for social justice and resistance to the corrupt economy which dominates government.  We see it among workers, students, environmental and climate justice activists, new economy advocates who oppose the excesses of big business and globalization as well as in opposition to wars and militarism — on these fronts and others we see signs of growing activity.  We also see the government making preparations for the expansion of popular revolts so that they can better suppress them. (Suppression will not work, the only way to suppress the revolt is to recognize the corruption and unfairness of the status quo and really transform the culture, economy and government — but that solution will be resisted until the people are better organized.) The popular revolt is occurring not only throughout the United States but around the world against transnational neo-liberal capitalism.  We cannot predict whether this popular movement will take the form of another occupation of public spaces or a new tactic, but we have no doubt that the social justice movement is growing on many fronts.  The report below for businesses engaged in information technology sees this in the future as well.  Our job as activists is to keep building the movement, educating ourselves about the issues and mobilizing people toward the most effective strategies and tactics that will lead to success. 

“A larger-scale version of Occupy Wall Street-type movement will begin by the end of 2014, indicating that social unrest will start to foster political discussion.”

The information technology research firm, Gartner, which describes itself as “the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.” The firm, based in Stamford, CT “offers world-class, objective insight on virtually any area of IT.”  The firm has more than 900 expert analysts that cover 1,200 topics across the IT landscape in 26 countries. They claim to produce “rigorous research process and proven methodologies provide the foundation for unbiased, pragmatic and actionable insight.”

Gartner has issued a report: Gartner Top Predictions 2014: Plan for a Disruptive, but Constructive Future.  The report mentions the future of the protest and resistance movement and its impact on IT businesses.  They see “a bartering based (sub) society” and the resurrection of “initiatives like Occupy Wall Street but on a much larger scale.”  Gartner “flags” for the near-term that: “A larger-scale version of Occupy Wall Street-type movement will begin by the end of 2014, indicating that social unrest will start to foster political discussion.”  And, they also flag: “By 2015, traditional paid jobs will be replaced by bartering-based systems and voluntary roles in such areas as patient care.” They warn companies not to be seen as the “culprit” that is “driving these labor effects.”  They warn that there could be a “backlash in the form of buyer strikes, labor unrest and increased scrutiny of owner and executive compensation.” They urge executives to change their mindset “to start thinking in terms of participating instead of winning, giving the idea of sustainability a whole new meaning.”  Further, the warn that “the old economic mechanics and models are leading to undesired effects and consequences (in participation, allocation and enumeration). . . .”

Here’s the relevant excerpts:

Gartner report 1
Gartner report 2
Gartner report 3
Gartner report 4

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  • This is long overdue

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  • google_eyes

    you shouldnt be allowing this report to dictate your future goals. Ive seen too many ‘resisitance’ organisations paying too much attention to this, this is how you allow Governments to co-opt the agenda by floating this kind of thing that you then take as gospel or the basis for your future actions (or inactions – just because this report thinks this might happen doesn’t mean that it will) It means nothing. You should be dictating the directions not some multi-million dollar research company paid by corporate elites .. why do think this kind of thing reaches the public domain? because they wanted it to .. you should be more interested in reading the reports that dont make it onto facebook.

  • kevinzeese

    Definitely. We should definitely not allow them to dictate our goals, but we should also not be ignorant of their actions.

  • PlantinMoretus

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to this report. All the big consulting firms put out stuff like this as a marketing tool, to get some free press and make themselves look insightful to prospective clients. I happen to know someone who works at Gartner (but had nothing to do with this report) and she is of middling intelligence at best, has never had an original thought in her life BUT she conforms to the corporate style and outlook very well.

    My own prediction for 2014 is that there might be some outbursts, some fierce little protests here and there, plus the ongoing ones the media mostly ignores (Keystone pipeline), but a large coherent movement is still a long way off. The distraction machine just works too well, and things aren’t quite bad enough for enough people yet, to really light that fire.

    I actually expect climate change to finish us off before we make serious inroads on capitalism and inequality.

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  • Jimbo

    I agree with your observations and timeline, but inroads on capitalism must be made or the motivating factors for climate change won’t be addressed. The battle must go on.

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  • Mihai Danila

    By God, I hope you are wrong.

  • PlantinMoretus

    Me too! But Guy McPherson has a strong argument for why it could be game-over for the majority of human beings by 2030 or so. For one thing, we’ve known for 30+ years that climate change was happening and we haven’t done a g-d thing about it.

  • Mihai Danila

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

  • PlantinMoretus

    When it comes to human behaviour, it’s an excellent indicator.

  • Mihai Danila

    Then we are doomed. Let’s hope we can keep a few more generations going, so that my kids can enjoy a little bit of this Earth.

  • Convivial Kelley

    I don’t doubt another Occupy type of movement could be started but the bit about bartering does sound off base. You are right that we have been trying to stand for liberty since industrial revolution began and have made inroads but they offer little in the way of complete liberty. Its either work or good luck surviving!

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  • Patrick S. Lovell

    I’m with you guys. I made this film: and created this I’ve got stuff going on that I want to converge that is designed to bring everyone under one tent. Will someone please reach out to me @ I would love to discuss.