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On November 18, we and our allies will deliver thousands of petitions to Congress calling on them to reject the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) as part of the #FallRising mobilization in Washington, DC. At least, that’s what we hope to do.

TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) resisters in the European Union delivered more than 3 million petitions on October 7th.

To reach our goal, we need you to click on the link below, sign and share the petition.


This is what it says:

To the Speaker of the House and Democratic Party Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and Democratic Party Leader, Harry Reid

We are writing to urge the Congress to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This agreement will destroy jobs, degrade the environment, undermine the Internet and weaken US democracy and sovereignty.


And here is why this is important:

Research and the history of trade agreements since NAFTA show that these types of trade agreements produce trade deficits, lost jobs, lower wages and environmental damage.

The TPP’s scope is too broad. It usurps the legislative authority of Congress by writing rules concerning safety and labeling of foods, access to healthcare and medicine, regulation of banks, rights or workers, future energy sources and so much more. Essentially, its scope is everything. These are issues that should be considered by Congress not written in secret by trade negotiators.  In our representative democracy these types of issues should be publicly debated, hearings should be held and people should express their views before a law is passed. In addition to undermining the legislative authority, the TPP weakens federal courts by expanding Trade Tribunals through investor state dispute settlement rules. The experience of the TPP indicates that Congress needs to reconsider how trade agreements are developed: trade should put the needs of people and protection of the planet before profits; and trade needs to be negotiated with transparency and participation of the people.



What’s Wrong with the TPP? This deal will lead to more job loss and downward pressures on the wages of most working Americans, Economic Policy Institute (

TransPacific Partnership – Corporate Coup d’Etat Against Us by Jim Hightower (

Why People Oppose the TPP, TTIP and TiSA by the Alliance for Democracy (

TPP Fight is Not Over by Joan Brunwasser (

Call to Action Against Global Corporate Domination (


  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    “Undermine the Internet”. I HATE the hype that the Internet gets. It is only the Internet. It is only a tool for looking up knowledge. The internet is NOT a right. It is silly when someone says that. It is only the Internet. It is not anything important in our lives.
    Indeed, while I am using the Internet right now, and I use it all the time to get information or watch videos on YouTube (why can’t websites have proper names?) I do not think of it as anything other than a tool, and it has to be remembered that the Internet is responsible for cyber-bullying, chatrooms, Internet drug dealing, and Internet child pornography (and according to Wikipedia, another Internet source, I quote, child pornography was virtually impossible to access before the Internet became very popular in the late 1990s).
    Also, social media may have helped the revolutions in the Arab world and the revolutions that were inspired by them, but those revolutions would have happened anyways, and social media is responsible for infamous instances of cyberbullying which have resulted in suicides.
    I am signing this petition, but it has nothing to do with the Internet.

  • kevinzeese

    Hype? Wow. It’s only the Internet! Yikes. The Internet is where Freedom of Speech happens in the 21st Century. That is like saying — it’s on TV, it’s only radio, it’s on newspapers. Yes they are all tools of free speech and we must insist Freedom of Speech is not curtailed on any of them. We already have serious problems with corporate media outlets, the Internet is one place where there is a level playing fied.

    Once again, you are seeming like a troll.

  • gininitaly

    You wouldn’t have signed that petition if the internet ‘tool’ hadn’t given you that option, whether you lived in Iowa, Mozambique or Kazakhstan.

    If it wasn’t for the internet you would not be able to know what others think all over the globe… knowledge is power and when it’s deminished or used as a form of propaganda as most large media outlets have become today… you will have no power at all. That’s why the internet is important, it gives us the possibility of connecting all of us.

    If the internet remains in OUR HANDS we still have the power to combat and change how the internet is used whether it’s the pesky issues of cyberbullying, child porn, drug dealing or whatever other cyber maladies that get on your nerves… if it is controled by others, you will never have a chance to right those wrongs… you will just be dictated to, monitored and controlled by those unseen ‘others’ who will give you only the information they want you to have.

  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    Just because the Internet is a useful tool doesn’t mean that it’s as great as many people say. I was just saying that.

  • . .

    The Internet is where some believe Freedom of Speech happens. In reality, it’s main-stream media, owned by greedy boards of directors.

  • AvaMaria Maria

    how about greater? or maybe you’ve become bored with the reason you use it?

  • Rikhard Ravindra Tanskanen

    I stand by what I said. I have not become bored with the Internet.

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    TPP must not pass. In addition to the immigration issue, there is
    also language in the TPP that requires the US to enforce ALL of the
    Obama/Progressive EPA climate laws in every state in the nation. If we
    do not, then a three person UN climate panel can assess the US billions
    of dollars in ongoing fines and penalties for damage to the world
    environment. This also means any agreement Obama and Kerry make in Paris
    at the end of the month can be enforced through the EPA as well. And
    finally, even IF the EPA were forced to rescind a climate regulation by a
    future Republican President or congress, the three person UN climate
    panel has veto power over any changes. No legislator who considers
    himself American should vote for passage.

    Here are the relevant passages in the TPP.

    Article 20.1: Definitions – Environmental Law

    – for the United States, an Act of Congress or regulation promulgated
    pursuant to an Act of Congress that is enforceable by action of the
    central level of government;
    (EPA currently has this power)

    20.12-9. Where a Party has defined the environmental laws under Article
    20.1 to include only laws at the central level of government (first
    Party), and where another Party (second Party) considers that an
    environmental law at the sub-central level of government of the first
    Party is not being effectively enforced by the relevant sub-central
    government through a sustained or recurring course of action or inaction
    in a manner affecting trade or investment between the Parties, the
    second Party may request a dialogue with the first Party. The request
    shall contain information that is specific and sufficient to enable the
    first Party to evaluate the matter at issue and an indication of how the
    matter is negatively affecting trade or investment of the second Party.

    Article 20.15: Transition to a Low Emissions and Resilient Economy
    1. The Parties acknowledge that transition to a low emissions economy requires
    collective action.

    Article 20.4: Multilateral Environmental Agreements
    1. The Parties recognise that multilateral environmental agreements to which they are
    play an important role, globally and domestically, in protecting the
    environment andthat their respective implementation of these agreements
    is critical to achieving the environmental objectives of these
    agreements. Accordingly, each Party affirms its
    commitment to implement the multilateral environmental agreements to which it is a party.

    No Party shall fail to effectively enforce its environmental laws through a sustained or
    course of action or inaction in a manner affecting trade or investment
    between the parties, after the date of entry into force of this
    Agreement for that Party.

    If any country disputes that the US in NOT enforcing it’s climate laws then:

    The dispute will be settled under Chapter 29 (Dispute Settlement)
    to Article 28.19: A panel consisting of Three members will determine
    the amount of compensation and damages to be awarded to the “injured”
    party.28.19.3. Compensation and the suspension of benefits and
    the payment of a monetary assessment shall be temporary measures. None
    of these measures is preferred to full implementation through
    elimination of the non-conformity or the nullification or impairment.
    Compensation, and suspension of benefits and the payment of a monetary
    assessment shall only be applied until such time as the responding Party
    has eliminated the non-conformity

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  • Sir, your link to the petition is taking us right back to this page (both links). Thank you very much for your dedication to humanity, Mr. Hedges.

  • kevinzeese
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