Tell Congress To Support Pro-Democracy Movement In Haiti

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Above photo: Demonstrators march in Port-au-Prince on February 14, 2021, to protest against the government of President Jovenel Moise. Valerie Baeriswyl AFP.

NOTE: March 27 to 29 is a National Weekend of Protests in solidarity with Haiti. Click here to learn more.

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On Friday, March 12, 2021, the Committee on Foreign Affairs will host a hearing on policy recommendations for the Biden Administration regarding the constitutional crisis in Haiti. This crisis, exacerbated by Jovenel Moise’s refusal to step down from power after his presidential mandate ended, is threatening to submerge Haiti into yet another dictatorship. Inspired by Haitian activists on the ground and online, Woy Magazine has put together a comprehensive guide to help Haitian-Americans call their Congressional Representatives and demand that President Joe Biden to respect the clear limits set in place by the Haitian constitution and cease all support for the Moise regime.

Calling your Congressional representative can be daunting, but as a constituent it is your right to have your voice heard regarding the pressing issues you care about — Haiti, certainly included.

Below, please find some information and a full script in English to help you make a quick call to your representative regarding the hearing with the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives.

Special thank you and hat tips to Vwarezoyo and Wilbens Chery for leading this campaign for Haitian-Americans to get involved with the hashtag #TargetForHaiti. You can find their list of demands for the Biden Administration regarding Haiti here. 

How to Get Started

Understand the Issue: 

Haiti is facing a constitutional crisis that is quickly landing the country under another dictatorship very similar to that of the Duvalier regime. For a quick primer to understand why Jovenel Moise should no longer be considered the head of the country, read this explainer piece from Woy here. 

Find Your Local Rep: 

It is okay if you don’t know who your Representative is. You can use this tool here to find your Representative. They will ask you to enter your zip code or address.

Find Your Reps’ Number: 

Please use this detailed graphic provided by @ManoueCa on Twitter to find the number(s) for your Representative.

A Few Things to Know Before You Call: 

  • Please note that it is always best to call their Washington, D.C. office first before trying their local one. You can always try the latter if you can’t get through using their D.C. number.
  • Chances are a legislative assistant will pick up, but if they don’t that is ok! They check Member voicemails daily at the Capitol, so leaving a message is still a great and effective way to be heard!
    • If a legislative assistant picks up the phone, they’ll ask if you need a response. You should answer “no” and go straight into reading the rest of the script (provided below).
    • In your message to the assistant or on their voicemail, please be sure to include your zip code so your Representative and their office knows you are a constituent!
  • Remember to stick to the script below and don’t feel nervous. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


“Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME HERE], and I am a constituent from [CITY, STATE]. My zip code is [ZIP CODE HERE]. I don’t need a response. I am calling you with concerns about the constitutional crisis in Haiti. I know the House Foreign Affairs Committee will be meeting this Friday to go over policy recommendations for the Biden Administration on this matter. I strongly encourage that my Representative call for the Biden Administration to immediately cease all support for the Jovenel Moise regime and join the people in Haiti in calling for him to step down from power, and allow a transitional government to take over and begin work in scheduling and holding elections. Thank you.”