Tell Obama No to TPP Fast Track and Secrecy

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To: President Barack Obama

We call on you to create a more open process for negotiating and ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a trade agreement that would encourage the offshoring of jobs to sweatshops, compromise food safety, endanger the survival of family farms, prevent financial industry regulation, threaten internet freedom, and undermine US sovereignty by prohibiting local content, Buy American, and green procurement rules.

This trade agreement will profoundly affect all of our lives. Thus, it’s only fair that you allow civil society, the public, the media, and Congress to have a say by making all negotiating texts of TPP public and sending TPP to Congress under normal rules, rather than seeking Fast Track Authority.

The Obama administration is engaged in secret negotiations with governments of Pacific Rim to create the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a massive international agreement described by public interest advocates as “a corporate power tool” that will help the 1% get richer at the expense of our jobs, health, and environment.


Representative Alan Grayson,  the only member of Congress granted even limited access to the TPP negotiating texts describes the agreement as “an attack on democratic governance”  and “a gross abrogation of American sovereignty…a punch in the face to the middle class of America.”

This fall, President Obama will call on Congress to vote to grant him Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority. Under Fast Track, Congress will be required to vote on TPP in a set number of days with no amendments – preventing  legislators like Representative Grayson from reigning in the agreement’s most egregious provisions.

Learn more about TPP and find out how you can get take action to stop TPP and sign the Flush the TPP Pledge to commit to take action against TPP!


  • You can`t tell the politians,cooperations,military,criminals apart at all anynore! They are all alike one and the same now!

  • Kevin Zeese

    That’s right, it is going to take a protest movement that shows the illegitimacy of corporate-rule. Fourteen trade agreements have been prevented from being completed. We can stop the TPP. Join us at

  • Hard Knocks

    Asking government for our freedom back, or corporations for fair treatment, is like asking the criminals for our money back. All are ‘takers’, not ‘givers’. They will only understand the day we ‘take’ our power back and ‘give’ them what they deserve. Government, corporations and criminals are presently partners. Only the introduction of a new element will change the balance of power. The ‘new element’ may be broad recognition of this government / corporate / criminal partnership by the people and their broad response. I beieve the appropriate response would be the expulsion from the U.S. election process of both the Democratic and Republican political parties both being declared `protection racketeering organizations’ operating above the law. Only when the people publicly deny government the legitimacy implied by their complacency will political organizations be compelled to serve their true masters, the people. Officials should be serving, not being served by, the people. The value of our government is like the value of our houses, upside down. Time to foreclose on our morally, fiscally bankrupt government.

  • todd newsite

    Etc is this prick doing ????

  • joehimself

    I agree with what you are saying but the response procedure seems devious and so I won’t bite. Too bad.

  • kevinzeese

    Devious? It’s not, not sure why you think it is.

  • kevinzeese

    Everything you say is shown by the TPP — negotiated in secret, corporations help write it, media does not discuss it. And, since TPP affects every issue we care about it is an opportunity for solidarity across issues and geography — as this is a global corporate trade system. We can stop the TPP and when we do it will be the people defeating the transnational corporate-government alliance. It is a tremendous opportunity and when we succeed we can build on that victory. If you want to help defeat it join us at