Tell The State Department To Protect The Embassies

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  • Send an email to Pompeo?

    Since when does that pompous fart respond to logic and reason?

  • kevinzeese

    We need to show poiiticial organization as they are going into the 2020 election and need to see people oppose violation of international law and oppose the US coup in Venezuela. Staying silent accomplishes nothing. Take action.

  • Full respect for the action at the Venezuelan embassy.

    After the recent attempted coup in Venezuela there’s still no sign of slowing down – Pompeo tells Russia: Don’t meddle in next U.S. presidential election – it’s the US that is the undisputed world leader when to comes to meddling in other peoples countries and the case against Russia has already been proven to be untrue.

    If the US wanted to they could simply buy the oil from Venezuela.

    The rest of the world needs to develop a spine and take a stance against the ongoing criminal activities of one US government after another.

    I’d definitely like to see something being done about Bolton who threatened the ICC !

    National Security Advisor, John Bolton, threatens to arrest ICC judges and other officials if it moves to charge any American who served in Afghanistan with war crimes. He also threatened any state which cooperated with the Court’s possible investigation

    Take action, global strike.

  • George Evans

    sad..but true…

  • Steven Gaylord

    Call the Department of State what it is. Israeli controlled international law breakers and traitors to constitutional law.

  • adrianzupp

    Is there no way to abolish permanent membership to the UN Security Council?

  • adrianzupp

    We have to talk to others about this and other issues — particular climate catastrophe and the Green New Deal — and normalize the legitimate views on these things. Reach out and encourage action. And hound the politicians incessantly.

  • Steve Neubeck

    I was taught that respect is earned. The U.S. is acting like a primary school bully .I would like government officials to grow up or get out.

  • Dana Visalli

    Power corrupts. Stop concentrating power.