Tell Your Congressmember To Save The Internet

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Congressional Recess = Town Hall Season 

Right now your members of Congress are in their Home Districts…And they need to hear YOUR voice demanding they Protect Our Internet! 

Here’s The Scoop:

On September 7th, Congress will hold a hearing on Net Neutrality inviting both ISPS and tech companies to testify. Before these CEOs take the stand, we have to make sure the PEOPLE are heard.

What You Can Do:

  • Visit the Town Hall Project to find out whether there’s a town hall being held in your area. If so, check out some sign and messaging ideas below. 
  • If not, pay your member of Congress a visit! Check out messaging and signage below and knock on their office door. Here’s a quick one-page primer on how to make the most out of your meeting!
  • Town Hall or Office Visit, check out this list of social media posts and spread the word about #TeamInternet & the fight to #SaveTheInternet

Remember: this is about our ability to access the ENTIRE INTERNET.

These Town Halls & Office Visits are the first step. Next month we’ll be looking at the FCC, Telecoms and inviting you all to DC for some on-the-ground actions to Protect the Net!

** Below are some example images to share and/or print to display. Find more examples at this link.