Ten Days To Stop Fast Track And The TPP!

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January 22 marks the beginning of a ten day push by groups who work on a wide variety of issues to stop Congress from granting the President Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

1fasttrackThese groups are working together because all of our work to protect people and the planet will be undermined if the TPP is signed into law.


Because the TPP will give corporations the right to sue governments even down to the local level for loss of expected profits (read billions of dollars) if laws to protect people and the planet interfere with profits. Just this week, Shell Oil entered a case against Mora County in New Mexico because the county banned fracking. Imagine what that county would do if Shell could sue for loss of expected profits. The people of Mora County could never come up with that amount of money! They would have to give in and lift the ban.

Imagine this going on globally. It will accelerate the race to the bottom in wages, protection of workers and the public and restoration of the planet. We must stop the TPP!

Here is what you can do:

1. Call your members of Congress – go to StopFastTrack.org and use the simple tools there to contact your members.

2. Share this with your community by copying and sending this link: CLICK HERE.

3. Visit FlushtheTPP.org to join or create local actions. January 31 is an Intercontinental Day of Action.

Together, we can and will stop the TPP. It has already been delayed. But this month, the President is putting increased pressure on members of Congress to give him Fast Track. He may succeed if we don’t raise our voices too.



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  • blm1242

    As I sit back and think about issues like TPP, spying, or a horribly compromised health care bill, I am struck at how the citizens seem constantly at odds with elected officials. We seem to live in a country where there are two distinct streams of logic. There are the Democrats/Republicans bickering about trivialities and ruling a country as ambassadors of The Corporate Ruling Class and then there are the majority of citizens that just want to live a peaceful, balanced and stable life.

    Our battle isn’t with the Middle East, or Russia it is with this government that has lost touch with their responsibility to serve the people. This Government is the enemy and its responsibility to foster balance and order has given way to control, exploitation and greed. All of the problems each of us face from TPP to environmental degradation is directly tied to this inflated and elitist American government. When do we become one people instead of us and them? Why do we continue to comply with a government that claims to know what is best for you and I, when they are only concerned about control, so that they can foster their own corporate agenda?

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