The Amazon’s Burning Past, Follow Their Lead & The Problem With #PlantATree

| Resistance Report

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A look at the understorey of the Amazon fires and the long history of colonialist destruction. If we want to protect the forest, we have to protect the people, and look to them for solutions outside the confines of a system that continues to wreak havoc on all living things. Next, Anne Petermann from Global Justice Ecology Project sits down with us for some straight talk on the reforestation trend, false solutions and important upcoming actions.


  • potshot

    I know she means well and she spoke with wisdom to important issues that go unreported in the mainstream, but ironic Anne Peterman calls for a scaling back of consumption of paper in front of a background loaded with books and files. I’m sure she includes herself in the scale back. Some of these changes have to come collectively, institutionally. Single use plastic bags in the produce aisle for example. We all do that. I don’t wonder how many people complain about one or another complication of putting gas in their internal combustion engine only to exit whatever forum they’re at to a car and home.