The Attack On Venezuelan Embassies, A Strategy Of US Regime Change

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Above: Screenshot from Venezuela: Diplomacy Under Siege

The video below, Venezuela: Diplomacy Under Siege, is a well-researched documentary on the attacks of coup plotters on Venezuelan embassies and how this has been a strategy used in US coup attempts around the world.

The video explains a perspective that is relevant to the siege at the Venezuela Embassy in Washington, DC by putting it in the context of a strategy being used by US coup plotters and their violent allies. The attack on the embassy in Washington, DC is part of a strategy being used in multiple countries by the coup plotters of trying to take over embassies.

The Embassy Protection Collective, which Popular Resistance helped to organize, is included at the end of the video. As we have been in the Venezuelan Embassy for over a month, we were unaware of many of these embassy attacks that happened while we were inside the embassy.

The embassy take-over strategy is necessary because the US coup has very little political support inside Venezuela. They are unable to win elections. The coup has fallen flat on its face as public support is shrinking, the military is staying loyal to the elected government and the people are supporting President Maduro despite the US economic war.

The US knows their coup has failed inside Venezuela so they must try to resuscitate it outside of Venezuela by attacking embassies. They also know a military attack would be a quagmire and costly multi-trillion dollar failure that could turn into a regional or global conflict. It is time for the Trump administration to admit the attempted Venezuelan coup has failed and for the United States to develop a working relationship with the Venezuelan government. The US can buy Venezuelan oil and other resources, they do not have to steal them. In the end, a trading relationship will be better for the United States, Venezuela, and the region.

  • tibetan cowboy

    Peace and life on Earth will not be possible until Washington, DC is incinerated, along with Langley, VA and the Pentagon.

  • eight.of.wands

    Incinerated, incarcerated, eviscerated and evaporated….for the good of humanity, and for their own good as well….Amen

  • Patricia P. Tursi

    Let’s Face It. The US is a bully nation that wants to rule the world while it ignores its own people & they are are like a third world country where in some cities, it is legal to defecate & urinate in the streets.

  • There is no limit to the greed and corruption of the US-based multi-national corporations who want nothing less than total domination of all of the world’s natural resources, especially those which are in high demand, such as petroleum and water. The government of the USA has been taken over by war criminals and thieves.