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The Biden Administration Is Escalating The War On China

The Biden administration is ratcheting up its provocations of China as part of the National Security Strategy of Great Power Conflict, with the President going so far as to say the United States would intervene militarily over Taiwan. The US is also trying to push another trade agreement that would exclude China. On top of that is a propaganda campaign designed to build political support for the New Cold War. Clearing the FOG speaks with independent journalist and political analyst Daniel Haiphong about the war on China, what is happening with Taiwan and the Solomon Islands, Biden’s new trade framework and why China’s “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” threatens the global elites.

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Daniel Haiphong is a working class journalist and author who didn’t convert to politics in the midst of a professional career. His analysis comes from experience and study. That is, study of revolutionary politics, theory, and movements and experience/practice within the mass movement. He has been a shop steward of several unions and have contributed to several anti-imperialist organizations, co-founding the No Cold War campaign. He has traveled to Cuba and China and place much focus on actually existing socialism and the defense of oppressed nations from imperialism.

Since 2013, Haiphong has written hundreds of articles on imperialism, class struggle, and white supremacy. In 2019, he co-authored American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror. In 2020, he published a journal article on American exceptionalism and COVID-19 in International Critical Thought, an academic journal based out of China’s Academy of Social Sciences. Both have been made available on Patreon.

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