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‘The Biggest Protest In Egypt’s History’

Cairo, Presidential Palace

Business Insider reports:

The people of Egypt are out in full force today to protest against President Mohamed Morsi, whom many believe has lost his legitimacy after becoming the country’s first democratically elected president.

A sea of bodies formed in front of the presidential palace as the sun set.

A military source told AFP that “millions” of protesters took to the streets. “It is the biggest protest in Egypt’s history.”

Egyptian protesters point lasers at military helicopter

Egyptian protesters point lasers at military helicopter over demonstration

Opposition leaders are calling for the resignation of the Muslim Brotherhood leader, the dissolution of Egypt’s Islamist-dominated elected parliament, and the shelving of Islamist-drafted constitution to set up a new round of elections and a new constitution.

Morsi’s supporters, celebrating the 61-year-old’s first anniversary in office, have gathered to defend the president while accusing the opposition of engaging in a conspiracy to oust an elected ruler.

The political turmoil has pitted Islamists against liberal and secular activists, old regime loyalists, and the nation’s increasingly disenchanted poor.

The police are absent, after previously saying they would “not provide protection for any party or political headquarters.” Many are bracing for the worst in terms of violent clashes.

In the past week seven people have died — including a 21-year-old American — and about 606 have been injured.

Al Jazeera reports that “tanks and other military vehicles have started to appear on the streets of Cairo.”

Last week Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the army had a duty to “prevent Egypt from slipping into a dark tunnel of civil unrest.”

Here’s a nugget from Abigail Hauslohner of The Washington Post:

“Helicopters passed over growing masses of protesters across the country, prompting cheers from the anti-Morsi activists, many of whom say they hope the military will intervene to help them oust the president.”

Below are some tweets from #June30

Tahrir Sq. at night

@cigdemizmirli23m  Surreal photo | An Egyptian man waves a national flag as protestors gather in Tahrir Square
Cairo bridge to Tahrir
@Milad_Jokar30m Amazing “@CairoScene: A view of the streets from the #Cairo Tower. Completely flooded
@TheLazyShaman6h Here’s a photo of #itihadeya now… unbelievable

@sallyzohney  on fire!!

Tahrir Sq.

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