The Blue Plague And Black Death

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George Floyd’s death by Blue Plague in Minneapolis was widely condemned by the same parties that have encouraged and funded the spread of the fatal contagion.

The Blue Plague is a serial killer that dates back to the slave patrols of the pre-Civil War South.”

The pathogen that kills Black people at two and a half times the rate of whites took the life of 46 year-old George Floyd, this week in Minneapolis. Floyd’s last words were, “I can’t breathe,” much like the desperate utterances of plague victim Eric Garner, struck down in 2014 in New York City.  Unlike the still raging Covid-19 virus, which is virulent among Blacks of both sexes, the Blue Plague is especially lethal to Black males of all ages. According to researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan, 1 in every 1,000 black boys and me will be fatally stricken by the Blue Plague at some point in their lifetimes – at ages ranging from 12 year-old Tamir Rice, snuffed out in Cleveland in 2014, to 50 year-old Walter Scott, who fell victim to the pestilence in North Charleston, South Carolina in 2015.

Covid-19 is categorized as a “novel,” or new, virus, having mutated recently from wild animals. But the Blue Plague is a serial killer that dates back to the slave patrols of the pre-Civil War South. Indeed, the first vector of the Blue Plague has been traced back to Charleston, South Carolina, which established a paramilitary force called the City Guard in 1783, primarily to “police” Black slaves – although the term police had not yet been invented. The City Guard helped suppress the Denmark Vesey slave rebellion in 1822 – a success that is believed to have led to the mutation of slave patrols into full-fledged vectors of Black death in cities across the nation, not just the South.

“The Blue Plague is especially lethal to Black males of all ages.”

Researchers are hoping to find a vaccine for Covid-19, possibly within the year, but the Blue Plague only grows more deadly over time and enjoys a host of immunities. Although Black people had hoped that the historic expansion in the number of Black elected officials would create political antibodies to limit the spread of the Blue Plague, the opposite has happened. In 2014, just months before Michael Brown’s life was cut short by the Blue Plague, in Ferguson, Missouri, 80 percent of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to continue funneling billions of dollars in military weapons, gear and training to local infestations of the plague, despite ample evidence that such infusions have made the scourge even more toxic to Black life. Four years later, 75 percent of the Black Caucus voted to classify the Blue Plague as a “protected class,” further immunizing the disease from the possibility of cure. The Protect and Serve Act of 2018 was “superfluous, since cops are already the most protected ‘class’ in the nation.”

More radical thinkers, steeped in the struggle against social pathogens, argue that the virulence of the Blue Plague can be weakened, at least among concentrated Black populations, through Black Community Control of the disease. A number of plague control formulas have been put forward, but the Black Misleadership Class, deeply embedded in the Democratic Party, fiercely resists any curb on the blue contagion, and actively encourages the spread of the disease among the federal secret police. In March of this year, two thirds of the Congressional Black Caucus joined with a large majority of Democrats in support of the wildly misnamed USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act, which has since passed the Senate, as well. Only 17 of the 50 full-voting Black members of the House voted against the law, which was supposed to expire this year along with other provisions of the infamous Patriot Act. As reported in The Verge, the Act allows the FBI “to collect ‘tangible things’ related to national security investigations without a warrant, requiring only approval from a secret court that has reportedly rubber-stamped many requests.” These tangible things include spying on targeted peoples’ web browsing “without having to demonstrate that those Americans have done anything wrong,” in the words of Oregon Sen. Wyden.

The Black Misleadership Class, deeply embedded in the Democratic Party, fiercely resists any curb on the blue contagion.”

The Blue contagion has spread around the world as the United States deploys its vast military as a kind of global police force, backed up by killer drones that carry out White House authorized executions in the far reaches of the planet. President Barack Obama authorized a regular schedule of snuff jobs on “Kill Tuesdays,” but President Trump’s timetable is probably more erratic.

This being an election year, George Floyd’s death by Blue Plague in Minneapolis was widely condemned by the same parties that have encouraged and funded the spread of the fatal contagion. The Democratic mayor of the city fired the four cops involved in crushing Floyd’s neck, and Joe Biden, the presidential candidate who brags that he “wrote” the Plague-proliferating 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, tweeted that “George Floyd deserved better and his family deserves justice. His life mattered.” But Biden and his party’s history as vectors of mass death say otherwise.

In the absence of an immediate cure, it is certain that some endangered Black males – and sisters, who are not immune to the ravages of the Blue Plague – will resort to home remedies to ward off the pestilence, as did Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner and, more recently, some brothers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at .

  • 0040

    A novel presentation but GIGO in that he seems to believe on on information supplied by the likes of Bill Gates , Doc Fauci , and Neil Ferguson all white boys and deep state denizens , that Covid is a plague when is becoming quite clear that it was not.

  • Alice X

    Glen Ford here has established a new standard for the analysis of the American tragedy.

  • Nylene13

    A quick internet check says that the Black Population of the U.S. is 13 percent.

    Why not give Blacks their own State?

    Let’s divide up the country.

    We could give the Eco-Socialists California, Oregon and Washington State.
    The Republicans can have the East Coast.
    Let’s give the Mexicans Texas. And New Mexico. (They already have the name)

    Would that not be the simplest, most practical solution?

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t want to live in an all white state. Diversity actually makes us stronger. Segregation will make all of us weaker. Absurd and backward thinking idea.

  • V4V

    A thoroughly racist and absurd notion that coming from you comes as no surprise.

  • Nylene13

    If Blacks had their own state, they would own everything.

    You think the rich neighborhoods in the U.S today are diverse?
    You think the poor black neighborhoods in the U.S are diverse?

    A roommate of mine once dated a Rich Guy. He rushed into our apt. and called the police. He told them some guy was driving through his parents rich neighborhood in an old car. The police rushed right out.

    He said no one had any business driving an old car in his parents neighborhood!

  • RickW

    Let’s divide up the country.
    Looking in as an outsider, I’d say you are on your way! One thing to consider though – I have cousins in California (northern) who say that Northern California and Southern may as well be two separate states, as southern leans more towards GOP, while north is DEM.

  • Nylene13

    Yes, the U.S. is already divided up economically/politically.

    If Black Americans had their own state, they would at least have a chance.

  • RickW

    Without being “snarky”, Wakanda comes to mind. But I suspect it would need that invisibility shield as “others” wouldn’t quit pestering them……

  • Nylene13

    What is that?

  • RickW

    I posted a link but Disqus might not like it. If you google Wakanda……

  • Nylene13

    That is interesting, that word was a question on a game show that just happened to on TV today. I don’t usually watch TV game shows, and I don’t know much about comics, I just came in from the garden and it happened to be on.

    I guess the Universe really wants me to know what that is!

  • RickW

    You may be fated to become a comic buff!

  • Southern

    Re your comment on over the Hill – The only reason Trump was ”ordered” into the bunker is to lend credence to the illusion that he was somehow in danger from protesters.

    Trump in the bunker has the signature of the Deep State all over it – the idea is to paint the protesters with negative brush.

  • V4V

    That seems very plausible, however, it has a backfiring effect- the thought of Trump cowering in his bunker with the White House lights out makes him look weak which is the last thing the wanna-a-be dictator wants.

  • GypsyFreyja

    Unfortunately, that solution has not worked out for our Native Peoples. They have been shoved all over this country. In some cases, left on the worst possible land (in the hope that they would die off) only to have minerals, oil, gas, or whatever natural resource or use for their land the Masters of the Universe want and demand.

    I have read recently that some are entertaining ideas of dividing up the US into a few smaller contries. I’d have to do a lot more research and thinking about that before I’d think that is a great idea. But there would be no more “fly over states”.

  • Southern

    It doesn’t appear to be in Trumps nature to cower in a bunker – he much prefers to blunder along.

    A good leader will step up and deal with the issues personally – in this case the DS took over for the sake of manipulating public opinion by making peaceful protesters look bad and then there’s agent provocateurs – even US Police have been caught on video damaging their own vehicles.

    When a puppet such as Trump is taken to the ”bunker” for safety reasons it reveals first of all that he didn’t get to make that decision and that someone is trying very hard to prevent Trump from engaging with the protesters.

  • V4V

    IDK, I see Trump more as a coward trying to play tough. I can believe he had no problem going into a bunker to hide and turn off the lights. If it was all staged to make protesters look bad as you say, that is equally plausible, friend.

  • zak1

    Hi Nylene

    Good to see you’re still thinking outside the box, as we float through our new post-Truthdig reality …

    (I sense a hint of Jonathan Swift in this particular idea, though – surely you don’t mean to hand our Northeast to the Republicans? lol)

    Your Modest Proposal makes me think of Afro Pessimism – it’s a line of thinking with an interesting history, something I ought to learn more about

    On the face of it, I would say the following –

    It was the Obama administration that destroyed black wealth in the US, allowing it to be vacuumed into the gaping maw of Wall St post 2008

    If, somehow, the political will existed for an undertaking as large as a new black state – I’d say channel that will into reversing the epidemic of state-level gerrymandering that has artificially deprived countless black communities of autonomy in their own districts – this would have a huge impact in increasing their clout in determining policy at the state and local levels – as well as their representation in national politics

    If we wanted to get more ambitious, we could abolish the Senate – that would have a big impact on the ability of the general population to influence national policymaking

    – a fascinating variation on this would be to redraw state lines instead and increase the number of states – so that the Senate would more closely represent the House of Representatives in matching and serving the variety of demographics across the country

    (part of the proposal I saw involved splitting New York, making NY City a state of its own, with the rest of NY comprising the other state)

  • zak1

    Try googling “racial gerrymandering” – there’s a fascinating conversation about how congressional districts are drawn – and the impact this has on the ability of minority communities to elect people who will actually represent them – I think this approach could go further towards the outcome you’re envisioning

    – I think there’s an ominous recent history of minorities thinking they can solve their social and political problems by forming a new state around themselves – this promise is misleading, and it also has disturbing echoes of the concept of national “purity”

  • zak1

    Wakanda forever!

  • zak1

    Powerful article – people should check out the Black Agenda Report website – it’s got some of the best analysis online – and their coverage of these protests is amazing

  • JohnDoe00

    I know we’ve had our differences, V but I just saw that Digger thread. Nice work, man!

  • V4V

    Thanks! The detractors of The Digger claimed it’s a libertarian, white nationalist site and today’s intercourse pretty much confirmed that.

  • JohnDoe00

    You did good man.
    I’m one of those “detractors.”😎

  • Dee

    Over at Lipstick Alley, I was struck how many posters with good jobs were the only black people in their offices /companies.

    That has to have an isolating effect . We naturally gravitate towards the familiar, the kith.

    I am also wondering why black *women* are not getting financed to start businesses /networks themselves – black men certainly aren’t doing anything to empower them.

    And, as many of the posters point out, it will be lose/lose for women and children if the prison/cops abolitionists get their way – especially since so many incarcerated are for *sex* crimes like IPV and rape. The victims are black women and children.

    I regard these racialists advocating non-carcereal ‘solutions’ for violent /sex crimes as absolute snakes-in-the -grass.

    Look closely and see how the subject of sexual crime is avoided completely , especially by the advocates of prison/cop abolition.

  • JohnDoe00

    And thx for the courage you demonstrated V in attempting to parse through the brass tack elements of this stuff in a den of wild animals. As hard as it is in person – It’s a million times more difficult and unforgiving in these swamps.

  • V4V

    Thanks! I just got banned by Flora at The Digger. Seems she couldn’t take the heat I put on her for promoting Republican nationalists and libertarian views. The truth hurts~!!!

  • JohnDoe00

    Yeah. Saw that coming. They don’t take kindly to filthy vulgarians like us wiping our dirty boots all over their (white) pristine carpet.

  • V4V

    I was “friends” with the guy who created the Digger, aprescoup. He has gone by several other names, novy something or other too. I haven’t seen him around for months if not longer, but I have an email address for him. He considered himself an anarcho-syndicalist, not a right wing libertarian. I am going to email him and let him know what The Digger is now all about.

    Southern also goes back with novy and I to our Alternet days many years ago. I will ask Southern to email novy as well. I am going to suggest he remove the biased Flora (who allowed the Jimmy idiot to insult me while banning me) and Elizabeth Hayes as moderators, unless of course, he approves of their work in promoting collaboration with Republican nationalists pretending to not be racists even as they betray themselves as they focus 100% on the looters while 100% ignoring systemic racism and failing to note that many protesters were peaceful and law-abiding.

  • Nylene13

    Hey Zak 1.

    I don’t think anything is going to work until we get rid of CAPITALISM.

    As long as the rich are in charge, things are only going to get worse.

    The rich seem to think they are above any effects of the destruction of our planets environment, which is just insane.

    It is heartening to see the people take to the streets. I was hopeful that we could actually get Bernie elected, but I guess I should have known better.

  • Nylene13

    Well the rich sure have their own ‘states’ – gated neighborhoods and private schools and such….

  • zak1

    Very true

  • zak1

    I agree with you, certainly – I was just playing with some of the possibilities in your idea

    I think it was worthwhile and important to support Bernie’s campaign – people like you who helped did us all a great service – it played a big role in educating people about policy – and helping them imagine how a different platform could impact their lives – I think it’s very fortunate that his campaign is still fresh in people’s minds – I bet it’s having a big effect on these protests, and also on the general strikes – imagination is a powerful thing

    I miss Truthdig – but I think this site is actually far superior in its range of issues and its activist focus – and we have the dynamic duo of Kevin and Margaret

    It’s also wonderful to be able to comment here on a piece by Glen Ford – and I also see Margaret Kimberley’s articles here – I wish Black Agenda Report had Disqus –

    Funny, we have people like this, all tied to Green Party activism, and now Robert Scheer is also here, the former doyen of Truthdig – I’m really hoping some kind of dialogue emerges around this

    – I’m very curious to know why Truthdig suddenly blocked coverage of the Green Party after 2016 – what kinds of pressures emerged to make this happen – and how a website like Popular Resistance can protect itself

  • Nylene13

    You are right-Bernie’s impact was HUGE.

    He made Socialism a mainstream word!

    I expect Pop. Resistance will get shot down just like Truthdig was…I suspect Truthdig became too big and popular for the Rich to let it continue…

    “Stop. Hey-what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down…
    Young people speak’in their minds- gett’in so much Resistance from behind…”

  • Nylene13


  • zak1

    Great song –

    I think you’re right about Truthdig – I can’t get over the timing – why it folded so suddenly at that moment – but clearly, they were under pressure about the content for some time before that –

    Funny also how they’ve kept the site up but removed all our comments – as if that’s the part they were really worried about –

    And I agree about your concern about this site – this is why I think we need to talk about this stuff – media reform – and also how to protect ourselves now, before something happens – instead of waiting to get knocked on the ground and then reacting

    – I think Kevin and Margaret need to have Robert on their show and interview him about what happened – and also about what’s going on with this progressive media ban on discussing the Green Party – and how to respond – not just to promote the Greens, but to protect independent electoral politics from these media blackouts

    Right now we’re in the middle of a DemExit moment – Bernie’s supporters are abandoning the Democrats – but I’m hearing very little from the Green Party – this is a huge opportunity for them – and we should be seeing this big PR campaign to attract people

    Howie Hawkins has a great platform and an incredible track record, but I don’t think he understands media the way Jill Stein did – he doesn’t know how to turn the media’s games against them to strengthen his party’s exposure

    I think maybe one reason Bernie folded so early was to prevent the Democratic Convention from turning into a big protest event the way it did in 2016 – remember how Jill Stein camped out there and channeled their frustration into a Green recruitment drive – and she also got media coverage doing it

    Glen Ford and Black Agenda Report have been covering the Greens for years – they predicted this DemExit moment – and an ensuing GreenEnter – I’d like to see them do an update on what’s happening with this GreenEnter

    The Dems are trying to avoid a massive GreenEnter – we even see Nick Brana trying to capitalize on this, using his Bernie contacts to channel supporters away from the Greens towards some hypothetical People’s Party that doesn’t exist yet, trying to split and dilute this DemExit

    – I think Brana is being dishonest, because he refuses to engage and debate the Greens, and never gives a straight answer as to why – this is a calculated and direct attack on the Green Party, trying to neutralize their recruiting potential – you can tell who the shills are – the Sheepdogs are the ones who refuse to collaborate – the Greens have reached out to them, but Brana’s people rejected contact

    – but Howie Hawkins is passive in the face of this – he’s making no attempt to call out or at least challenge Brana to a debate, or to fight for these recruits – Howie’s campaign feels passive, considering all the incredible developments we’ve been seeing – where is he?

  • JohnDoe00

    I sent it. But unfortunately, at PR links stay in moderation for a long time before clearing. Check out most recent Digger “story” on Antifa.

  • Nylene13

    Good Post.

    I think our movement leaders (Eco-Socialists and such) are Scared. They don’t want to end up like Julian Assange.

    They may well have been threatened.

    I think the only reason sites like this one are still up is so the Rich Capitalists can keep an eye on all of us.

    There is no Green Party here in Nevada.

    I don’t trust the elections anyway. I think they were rigged against Bernie.

  • Nylene13

    Maybe that is what happened to my comment on the Lee Camp Article this morning.

    It said my comment was “In Moderation” and then it just disappeared!

  • Nylene13

    OK. That explains a problem I was having posting a comment to another article here.


  • Go easy man–I think Nylene generally means well and has a good heart. Sometimes this leads her to propose stuff that is too simple.

    By the way I perused your exchange with FandF over at the Digger–and your references to it here–and I have to say that I am down on your side–though I don’t think the guy in the videos exactly declared himself a white nationalist, he most definitely indicated that he’s a Republican, and the rest of his rants were abstract declarations of moral rectitude about race–virtue-signalling rivalling that of any privileged, establishment Democrat, in fact–and while I kept waiting for some precise anecdotal account of an injustice meted out upon him or some member of his clique–beyond being suspiciously white and Right-wing–nothing materialized. Smells to me like a jive-talkin’, h nkie muthaf cka, as people used to say when I was in my youth.

    I followed the Digger recently via Disqus, because lots of folks I follow on Disqus–like yourself and Ort–posted there–Ort still does, for the time being–and it seemed to be an outlet that brought attention to stuff with a more skeptical but still reasonable take on the corona outbreaks. I wasn’t that impressed with what I found there in that regard, though. And then I ran into your dust-up with FandF and apparently EH–the latter I recall was engaged in a prolonged battle royale with NightriderXP1 over plagiarism some while back. So now I am done with the Digger.

    Their loss, I say.

    The only Libertarian site that I check out now and then is Antiwardotcom, and that’s mainly because I’m familiar with the guy who runs it–Scott Horton–from back in the W. days, when Horton was, I think, still driving a cab. Horton is a great interviewer, and he’ll talk to anyone who’ll talk to him–and except for his “Dr. Ron Paul” infatuation, which he doesn’t try to hide–he mostly seems like a pretty decent guy–I may have missed something, but I’ve never seen him engage in racist bigotry of any sort, though he’s interviewed bigots like Buchanan–on Buchanan’s opposition to W.’s Iraq invasion, as I recall. Which may make Horton somewhat exceptional among card-carrying Libertarians, where bigots and global warming deniers are a dime a dozen. But not everyone who publishes at Antiwardotcom is a Libertarian, by any means.

  • Southern

    He’s a coward alright –

    Here’s what I consider the evidence why Trump in the bunker was simply done in order to paint the protesters in a negative light

    One of the most controversial events occurred on Monday, when law enforcement in Washington, D.C., used tear gas on peaceful demonstrators to clear the way so President Donald Trump could walk to a nearby church for a photo op.

    By their own standards they should have placed him in the bunker.

    There’s more to this – for example if Trump succeeds in declaring martial law then the US constitution will be suspended and there won’t be any elections.

  • Southern

    I know his Twitter account, I emailed you previously using a different account name but from the same server – when you’re ready I’ll send another.

  • V4V

    I have an old email address and wrote him about The Digger yesterday. I don’t have Twitter but send me whatever you have and I’ll figure it out, thanks.

  • V4V

    I don’t see an email from you, but I am swamped with spam. Please send it again. EH & FF claimed they unblocked me on The Digger, but that was a bald-faced lie. Ironically, EH suggested we “debate” on another website. She fails to see the irony of her banning me on a website she “moderates” but being happy to “debate” me on another site (where she cannot ban me). The cowardice and hypocrisy of The Digger reeks…

  • V4V

    If Trump suspends the election, there will be riots in the streets. Many if not most Americans are fed up with his racism, incompetence, and stupidity.

  • V4V

    About Nylene13, she got under my skin when she used to claim I am a right winger for calling out Bernie Sanders. She, like many Bernie-bots, got it wrong then go on pontificating without ever acknowledging their error. They need to be called out.

    About The Digger- Elizabeth Hayes and FaunaAndFlora are right wing frauds with the thinnest skin imaginable. They CANNOT stand anyone whom disagrees with them. Here is the brief exchange used as justification for banning me.

    V4V FaunaAndFlora • 3 days ago • edited
    As if a senile old man and the party that would nominate such a person isn’t quite as bad as the other half of the duopoly.
    -your fallacy is the straw man
    Wrong as usual. I hope that Trump doesn’t get a second term. If Biden wins, I will be hoping he fails to get reelected.
    Harassment for Fauna is anything that runs counter to her opinions. Ever wonder why you “moderate” an obscure website with 10 frequent contributors? Can you and Elizabeth Hayes be any less consequential?

    FaunaAndFlora Mod V4V • 3 days ago
    You just admitted that what I said was correct. Keep up the harassment and you’ll be out of here. You are adding nothing to the conversation.

    The “harrassment” is countering the Republican nationalist that spends 10 seconds on the injustice of the murder of George Floyd and 1 hour denouncing the “looters & rioter” while ignoring that fact protesting is legal and not all of them rioted.

    The other “harassment” was calling out some black guy wrapped in a flag celebrating the imperialist wars as legitimate wars “fought for our freedoms” while holding a Bible like a true scoundrel.

    Before I ever insulted her she insults me as such:

    V4V Elizabeth Hayes • 3 days ago • edited
    He does the same as Carl Tuckerson- spend 1 minute denouncing the cops without using the term “racism” then spends 99 minutes denouncing the black “looters and rioters” while completely ignoring the fact many protesters were peaceful.
    They are Trojan Whores trying to denounce and lump all the protests together while ignoring systemic racism. Calling on blacks to sing kumbaya with Republicans while ignoring the core causes of the protests turned riots.

    FaunaAndFlora Mod Elizabeth Hayes • 3 days ago
    I think we’ve established that V4V is a passive-aggressive dolt who’s into stirring up shit. Probably why he spends so much time trading insults at The Hill. I can’t even stomach spending more than 30 seconds looking at the comment section but he spends hours over there. The stupid hurts.

    She calls me “a passive-aggressive dolt who’s into stirring up shit” for pointing out the truth: the Republicans she promotes spend 10 seconds denouncing the murder of George Floyd and an hour denouncing the “looters & rioters” while ignoring systemic racism and the fact many protesters were peaceful. The job of these Republicans is to shut down the protests and get the blacks back onto the plantation where they will all join hands and sing kumbaya (sweeping everything else under the rug).

  • Natural_Texan

    Thanks for that explanation. Biden will fail America, reelected or not.

  • daedalus43

    I got almost permanently banned for saying the I didn’t know any teachers who had stolen from their students. Amazing.

    Alternet’s ‘model’ is far from ideal. I’ve pretty much gone elsewhere.

  • V4V

    If you write the moderator at Alternet he may un-ban. I got banned for being too critical of Democrats in general and Bernie Sanders in particular. Lord Dude suggested I write the moderator and ask to be un-banned, and it worked. I don’t remember what his email is, but if you want, I’ll try to get it for you.

  • daedalus43

    Thanks, ‘V’, but..

    Initially, I pointed out to a monitor or two (on there personal ‘kosmail’ that I had violated non of the ‘kos’ rules, but others had in attacking me. That got me banned from kosmail. Next, I wrote a ‘snailmail’ letter to ‘kos’ headquarters, presenting my case. All that did was help kill another tree. Really, dKos isn’t worth the effort.

    I’ve actually moved on. I found many comments on Alternet to be shallow and (often) ad-hominem instead of substantive, and I’ve found other outlets. This one looks interesting, although I haven’t posted a comment as yet (beyond our brief exchange).

  • Southern

    The Twitter account I set up was frozen almost immediately.

    I’ve send a tester to the old account starting with a T – you should recognize me in the subject line – send another now.

  • V4V

    Just replied!

  • dreamjoehill

    Oklahoma, where T-rump is grunting today, is s prime example.

    The Cherokee and Creek were peacefully economically assimilated , but then driven off their land by Jackson backed forces, and forced on the the Trail of Tears, to Oklahoma where they were later overun in the Oklahoma land rush, along with Choctaw, Seminole, Chickasaw and several other tribes.

    Trump sure knows how to pick fascist, and genocidal symbols!