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The Center Of Gravity Is Tilting To The South

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research opens the year with a preliminary look at the dramatic shifts unfolding in the world order in our new dossier, “The Churning of the Global Order.”

When the countries of the Global North, led by the United States, demanded that the countries of the Global South adopt the North Atlantic Treaty Organization position on the war in Ukraine (namely to isolate Russia), they refused, accusing the West of double standards. Numerous leaders have since pointed to the Global North’s weakening credibility, signaling a new mood in the Global South.

These changes are shaped, on the one hand, by the Global North’s loss of economic power alongside its increasing militarization and, on the other, by the Global South’s growing political demand for sovereignty and economic development. The BRICS11 nations, for all their internal hierarchies and challenges, now represent a larger share of the global GDP than the G7, which continues to behave as the world’s executive body. BRICS11 has now created a formidable energy group that includes OPEC members Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates as well as Russia, a key member of OPEC+. Together, these four countries alone account for just under 30 percent of global daily oil production.

Tectonic changes are taking place in the world, accelerated by the war in Ukraine and the rapidly escalating genocide in Palestine. To understand these changes and the Global North’s bewilderment about the shifting attitudes in the Global South, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research produced dossier no. 72, “The Churning of the Global Order,” based on original research carried out with Global South Insights and our collaboratively produced working document, “Hyper-Imperialism: A Dangerous Decadent New Stage” (January 2024). This dossier is a preliminary exercise to make sense of these changes and—consequently—the new mood in the Global South.

Read the first dossier of 2024, “The Churning of the Global Order.”

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research is an international, movement-driven institution that carries out empirically based research guided by political movements. It seeks to bridge gaps in knowledge about the political economy and social hierarchy to facilitate the work of political movements and engage in the “battle of ideas” to fight against bourgeois ideology, which has swept through intellectual institutions from the academy to the media.

Dossiers by Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research are produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi.


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