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The Democrats Who Sold Us Out On Net Neutrality

Nearly every single Democrat in Congress has signed on to the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to reverse the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. But with the deadline just days away, there are 18 members of the party who still haven’t signed. And big surprise: they’ve all taken fistfuls of money from big telecom companies.1

Click here find out which members of Congress are net neutrality traitors.

The open Internet isn’t a partisan issue: 8 in 10 Americans from all walks of life support restoring net neutrality.2 But in Congress the votes have largely fallen along party lines. That means these Democrats have even less of an excuse: every other member of their party in the House and Senate has already supported strong net neutrality.

The ONLY reason they haven’t is because they’re siding with their corporate donors Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T rather than their constituents.

Today we’re launching DemsAgainstThe.Net to shine a spotlight on these lawmakers who have chosen telecom hush money over our basic right to Internet freedom. If we make sure the whole Internet knows their names, there’s still time for them to do the right thing before the deadline on December 10th.

As a non-partisan organization, we’re not afraid to call out politicians from either side of the aisle if they are selling out their constituents to telecoms. Let’s remind them that the Internet never forgets.

Click here to find out which Democrats are helping Ajit Pai kill net neutrality so we can flood them with calls before the deadline.

Just last week, Rep Joe Morelle (D-NY) signed on in support of reversing the FCC’s repeal—the first movement in Congress we’ve seen on the issue in months. That means there’s a narrow window for us to get other reps to jump on board, but they’ll only do it if we flood them with calls and put them on blast.

Forward this to everyone you know. As we prepare for the battles ahead in 2019, we can’t allow these lawmakers to betray net neutrality and get away with it.


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