The Empire Will Fall: From Yemen To Tijuana, (Im)Possible Change & Re-Meet NAFTA

| Resistance Report

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Our addiction to militarism has to end. From millions-strong protests in Yemen to carte blanche for military force at the border, our violent empire has no dimmer switch – and no self restraint. Next up, the impossible always seems so till you invoke – Planck’s constant? This and other news of “impossible change.” Finally, Margaret Flowers from Popular Resistance and Trade for People and Planet sits down with us to discuss the USMCA – what you might know as NAFTA.

  • tibetan cowboy

    The “fall” of the Empire is due now. The people must topple it asap, by whatever means necessary, to give life on Earth a chance of any surviving at all.

  • Alan MacDonald

    The song by America uncloaked of faux-democracy:

    “The empire is a desert with it’s life underground
    And a perfect disguise above.”