The Era Of Mass Strikes Begins On May 1, First Day Of General Strike Campaign

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On Friday, May 1, an ongoing General Strike campaign begins. This campaign could become the most powerful movement in the United States and reset the national agenda. It comes when the failures of the US political system have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered an economic collapse in a presidential election year.  The General Strike campaign will be ongoing with actions on the first of every month. Strategic strikes of workers, students, consumers, prisoners, and renters will also continue.

This new era of mass strikes builds on successful strikes by teachers, healthcare workers, hotel workers, and others.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the last two years, there has been the largest number of major work stoppages in 35 years with more than 400,000 workers involved in strikes in both 2018 and 2019. This continues in 2020 with a wave of wildcat strikes.

People must commit to an ongoing campaign of strikes starting now and continuing after the election. FDR faced more than 1.4 million people striking after he was elected, which forced him to put the New Deal and workers’ rights legislation in place. The next president should be subjected to continuous strikes with specific demands. Striking is the most powerful tool of the people. We need to learn to use it effectively.

United action magnifies popular power and shows those in power that they cannot ignore us any longer. You can participate by sharing this article with other people and urging them to participate. Follow and share the hashtags #CoronaStrike, #GeneralStrike, #MayDay2020, #GeneralStrike2020, and #PeoplesStrike.

Participate in Popular Resistance’s Zoom call on April 29, 2020, at 7:00 pm Eastern/4:00 pm Pacific to learn about what will be happening on May Day and how you can be part of it. Register at

General Strike

COVID-19 exposes the fact that essential workers who provide food, healthcare, and deliveries to our homes are mistreated and underappreciated. Workers are underpaid and are not being provided with protective equipment or allowed sick leave. The COVID-19 rescue laws have given trillions in funding to investors and big businesses while leaving people and small businesses with crumbs. Twenty-six million people have filed for unemployment but states are not processing claims quickly and the COVID-19 rescue only provided an inadequate one-time $1,200 payment. Millions of the newly unemployed are losing their health insurance.

The #GeneralStrike has five demands:

(1) Protection from Covid-19

(2) Safe Housing.

(3) Living Wages.

(4) Medicare for All.

(5) Equal Education.

We would add a sixth urgent demand – saving the postal service.

The tactics of the General Strike will vary over time. During this initial phase of the COVID-19 virus, there will be car caravans, sickouts, and signs on windows supporting the strikes. People will use social media to show support for the demands. On May 1 and beyond there will be webinars on the strike and the issues raised by it. 

With a campaign of strategic and general strikes very likely going on until 2022, people can take control of the country and put the necessities of the people at the top of the agenda. Jane McAlevey points to three areas where workers have decisive power. These include logistics, healthcare, and education.

  • Logistics includes providing food, delivery, transit, and other services that keep the economy functioning. Workers disrupting these areas makes the country ungovernable by creating economic dysfunction. 
  • Despite being essential, healthcare workers lack protective equipment and basics such as tests. Healthcare workers have stood against the dangerous so-called “Liberate” protests Donald Trump is encouraging to prematurely re-open the economy. Nurses have protested the lack of protective equipment and been fired for doing so. These acts of defiance must be supported as we also demand national improved Medicare for All so everyone has access to high-quality healthcare. We must build our public health system so never again will the country be unprepared for a pandemic.
  • Teacher’s unions have developed the model for all unions to follow, strikes for the common good. Teacher strikes have been successful because they have represented the interests of students and the communities where they live. Poverty, inadequate housing, brutal policing, and ICE raids undermine the ability of teachers to do their jobs. Making demands for the common good unites us to work for what we need.

Recently, there have been wildcat strikes. These can include a variety of work stoppages, e.g. people taking sick days, work slowdowns, work disruptions due to flat tires on delivery trucks, and other ways that prevent work from being accomplished. To follow strike actions, visit On The Picket Line or check out this interactive map of strike actions, or the “Dual Power” map by Black Socialists in America. Get in the loop and get connected at General Strike 2020.

Rent Strike

As unemployment reaches Depression-era levels, with one in six US workers being unemployed, and the government is unable to process unemployment benefits and is refusing to provide a basic income, people are unable to pay their rents. According to data from the Rentec Direct property management software platform, The rent received by property managers in the U.S. by April 8 was 17% less than it was through the first eight days of March. Other data point to a similar trend. For example, data from the National Multifamily Housing Council found that 69 percent of renters paid their rent between April 1 and April 5, down from 82% in the same period in April 2019.” According to the New York Times, 40 percent of New York City tenants may have skipped their April payments.

In January before the pandemic, a Harvard University report found that nearly half of US renters are “cost-burdened,” meaning they spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing, a quarter of renters—eleven million people—are “severely cost-burdened,” spending more than half of their income to make rent. There was already a housing crisis in the US, the economic collapse has magnified it

This economic reality is turning into an organized and growing rent strike against corporate landlords. Calls for an expanded rent strike on May 1 are growing. In Kansas City, Missouri, tenant advocates tweeted: “Highway takeover in an hour. We will have tenants spanning the state, every five miles, from Kansas City to St. Louis.” Tenant groups from South Carolina to Los Angeles called for a rent strike in May as have groups in Chicago, Milwaukee, PhiladelphiaDenverBloomingtonSt. Louis, and New York. Yesterday, Cancel the Rent car caravans were held in many cities. Rent strikes are building into a nationwide revolt with calls for rent strikes going viral in unlikely places like Georgia. How this will evolve? If tenants are made homeless, people will take over buildings to be housed, assets of landlords could be nationalized, and social housing could escalate.

Rent strike organizers say,We are banding together: folks who cannot pay and those who will join them in solidarity. We refuse to pay for the right to live. Many will have to choose between rent and food, and many won’t have enough for either. We will not sacrifice our lives to keep the market afloat, or to fill the pockets of real estate lenders and landlords…Together, we can transform this moment of isolation into a moment of shared strength, support and compassion.” Rent strikes are demanding:

  • Forgive unpaid rents and waive mortgage interest and defer mortgage payments for the months of April, May, and June;
  • Cease evictions of any renters and foreclosures on any homeowners during the full duration of the crisis — for at least six months;
  • Use their political power to call on public officials to support housing relief for the tens of millions of American workers who have lost their jobs.

The COVID crisis has magnified a reality in US housing — housing has been turned in a profit engine for the super-rich. Rentals have been corporatized and controlled by some of the wealthiest individuals in the world. The Action Network reports: “Companies like Greystar, Equity Residential, and Lincoln Property Company control the rents for apartments in every state in the United States, while billionaires like Sam Zell founder and chairman of Equity Residential and Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital effectively serve as landlords for millions of us. These enormous companies dictate the rent and home prices in communities across the country. “

As a result, polling shows that a majority of people across the political spectrum support canceling rent payments and suspending home mortgage payments during the coronavirus pandemic. By a margin of 22 percent, voters strongly favor suspending or forgiving rents, for those under 45 years of age, the margin is 50 percent.

Building Power For An Effective General Strike

We do not yet have the organization to conduct a massive General Strike and only a few unions are aggressive enough to conduct strategic work stoppages. We must use the General Strike campaign to build our power and learn how to strike.

The foundation of all movements is education. We must constantly work to educate people about what is going on around them. This means overcoming the corporate media, which reports from the perspective of major corporate interests and the two Wall Street-funded parties. Independent media and social media are areas of activism that must always be a priority.

Subscribe to our daily digest for ongoing movement news and choose articles to promote in your social media networks. Each of us should act with the intention to build our social media networks so we become an effective media outlet. If the tens of thousands of people who receive this newsletter behave as media outlets, we will change the national dialogue.

We are over halfway to raising what we need in our Spring Fundraiser. Donate now to support Popular Resistance as a media outlet and as an organizer of the General Strike. DONATE HERE.

We must organize to bring people into the movement. Mass movements win, fringe movements fail. How do you organize?  Organizing is as simple as talking to people who are not yet part of the movement, listening to their concerns, and showing them how joining together we can solve problems. This requires the patient and steady systematic building of relationships in the community. Talk to your neighbors, participate in apolitical neighborhood email groups, and speak with those who deliver to your home.

In the workplace, talk to co-workers, form clandestine strike committees, and speak and listen to each other. Work stoppages can vary in form. Workers can use the tactic of “Work to Rule,” following often ignored workplace safety and other rules, resulting in a slowdown. The bosses will fight back, so this will not be easy. Workers need to build community support so bosses are isolated and the conflict is broadened.

There are also tactics for at-home workers where sickouts and slowdowns are easy to adapt. Workers can call in sick during the first week in May. Even mild symptoms can result in a day or two off work. With the stress of COVID-19 and the economic collapse, a ‘mental health day’ is needed for many.

Then, we must mobilize people. When people are in the movement, a union, or an organization, they are ready to be mobilized in mass action. This requires showing this is a strategic campaign, not one protest, but a series of escalating events that build and are focused on achieving change. We discuss how you can create a strategic campaign in the free Popular Resistance School, How Social Transformation Occurs, eight web-based classes and readings we urge you to use.

If you are not part of a union or organization, become an active supporter of their actions. Show up, join them, call the media, religious leaders or neighbors, and urge them to show up.  If you see a picket line, join the workers or bring food and beverages. See yourself as the media and report on strikes, share their stories, and use your social media networks. If a union organizer is fired, come to the aid of that person including highlighting the injustice, insisting the person gets their job back, and raising funds to support them. We can support local strikers through “GoFundMe” pages or join a local Mutual Aid team. 

In the coming era of strikes, we must remember that an injury to one is an injury to all. Show solidarity with the general strike. Wear red on Friday. Display a strike poster in your window. Wear a red or black or lavender bandana. Change your Facebook cover image.

As the era of strikes builds and people develop the skills, confidence, and courage to exercise their rights, the potential for transformational change will grow in ways that we cannot yet foresee.

  • chetdude

    I would add begin winding down the number one fossil fuel burner in USAmerica – the bloated war machine!

    Check this out too:
    Global Reboot
    natureami dot com/blog/global-reboot

    Sounds like they’re on the same page.

  • SteelPirate

    The capitalists have no heart, but harpoon them in the pocketbook and you will draw blood. If the workers are organized, all they have to do is to put their hands in their pockets and they have got the capitalist class whipped.

    –Bill Haywood

  • s k

    “Mother Earth is a source of life, not a resource.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse

  • s k

    It’s been awhile since our paths have crossed, I hope you and yours are healthy.

  • s k

    “We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created.
    That Day Is Here”
    “-Chief Arvol Looking Horse

  • il corvo

    There has been no other time in recent history, when the need for change has coalesced at the same time as the masses of US citizens have nothing left to loose but the last of their diminishing freedom. This might be our last chance before the world as we have known it implodes.

  • Debra Legorreta

    We know what really works: STOP DRIVING USING FOSSIL FUELS.
    We control the demand lever over oil, their most precious asset.

  • jim james

    Maybe it’s a good idea the People coordinate around one subject–wow, what a thought, unity and organization???

    Too bad Americans (and yes people too) are incapable of either one.

    My recommendation is rent/mortgage and/or credit cards. They should be rolling strikes where people of x county/state don’t pay one month with the threat being y county/state won’t pay the next…

    Please tell me there’s someone, preferably a communist apparatchik, capable of organizing/marketing same. No economists need apply.

    The best place to start would be in ny/nj–the two hardest hit state–and the civil courts are closed.

  • jim james

    I don’t know about the analogy but capitalism is definitely a killer.

  • tttbnr

    Are protests scheduled? How can I find out if any scheduled for my city?

  • didactic1

    Utter insanity as most workers are home. Teachers are trying to use very poor online learning tools to maintain some contact with needy students who desperately need outside contact to sustain what little education remains. Who suggested teacher strikes at this harrowing time? Koch ? Gates? Bloomberg?

  • didactic1

    Metaphysical drivel.

  • didactic1

    Bill had to flee. There is no USSR however to flee to. Thanks liberals.

  • didactic1

    Maintain social distance.

  • didactic1

    Actually information and data are today’s most valuable asset. But do put your pennies into oil.

  • didactic1

    The cult grows in Africa and Asia.


    If a 4 year college costs $40,000 tuition, and is charged to a billionaire family, and is also equally charged to a family on welfare- that is equal education. Do I have to spell it out? NOT ONLY EQUAL EDUCATION—- FREE EDUCATION TUITION FREE DOESN’T COST ANYTHING- OF EQUAL VALUE FOR EVERYBODY FREI GRATIS LIBRE COSTLOSS

  • tttbnr

    Millions have been laid off creating an opportunity to raise their consciousness they are members of a class discarded by an economy based on the ideology of unregulated markets. A newly created class of surplus labor needs to be educated and mobilized to oppose the crony capitalism that dominates Western societies. I think food banks are the best way to reach these newly displaced, but because of the lockdown and regime of social distancing those waiting for food cannot be reached. In the meantime, the ‘back to work’ protesters are receiving much more news coverage despite the low number of participants who are actually protesting. If radical protesters showed up at food banks to inform those who cannot afford food they are victims of capitalist exploitation and capture of government they would probably be ignored by mass media and harassed by the police for disobeying the lockdown orders. How can the millions laid off be reached to mobilize for a more equitable society? Are they even aware a general strike is being called for May Day?

  • didactic1

    Nice speech. Deliver it on what ramp?

  • Nylene13

    Yes chetdude. I recently made that same kind of comment someplace. (Great minds think alike)

    The Military should be shut down. Quit flying jets all over the place to spy on other countries. Send the U.S. soldiers to work in the Farms to help grow and harvest food for the American People!

    And shut down the slaughterhouses.

    What we need are good healthy vegetables and fruits and grains.

    The Food Banks should be handing out organic garden seeds and good garden dirt.

    And have online classes on backyard gardens and cooking what is grown. And seed saving.

    And how to raise backyard chickens. For bug eating and manure and eggs, NOT killing them.

    Americans must change the way we live.

  • Nylene13

    What is going on with PR?

    Why are there hardly any comments anymore?

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    Not that many new articles?

  • chetdude

    Doing well so far.

    Thank you…

    And you?

  • s k

    It could be disgus

  • I won’t support this until those lucky to have cars, incomes/jobs, and able-bodied privilege support a guaranteed basic income for the unemployable jobless poor who are unable to even buy food while under quarantine because we don’t have a car to get to the stores or anyone to help us. How many poor diabetics and other immune-compromised people living in areas without transport are going to end up DEAD because they could not get helped w/ a ride to the store but could not use their food stamps to pay for grocery delivery via Instacart? And you CANNOT take insulin without food! Where’s the support from “workers” for those of us who aren’t even well-off enough to be “workers”/”working class” because we’re disabled with NO incomes, UNABLE to get food while under quarantine because NO grocery delivery service apps accept EBT cards? Where’s support from “workers” for those of us who are the poorest of the poor who are NOT surviving and whom NOBODY is helping??? Sorry, I REFUSE to support anyone who won’t help me as one of the neglected “least of these.”

  • Nylene13

    No. Lots of articles with no comments of just a few.

    Well-people are busy and stressed.

    Still seemed unusual….

  • Nylene13

    That would make sense. Thanks.

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    I had a hard time posting yesterday.

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    We have about 15 articles each day. That has not changed. And, we are seeing a good number of comments.

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    Busy and stressed out…

  • Cab Driver xxx

    Once again Kevin. Posting on Flowers piece this morning, it went to spam. I have mentioned this to you numerous times and your response has been nil.

    If you want discourse involving more than stupid drive-byes, you need to rectify this. You have numerous articles with no responses. It’s little wonder why.

  • Mensch59

    That’s gotta be frustrating.
    (Consider this little more than a stupid “drive-by” comment.)

  • Mary Sipin Boyle

    I think we need to make a concerted effort, as well, to bail on Amazon and Walmart, particularly. Cancel your Amazon Prime, refuse to purchase anything from either organization. We need to identify the largest and most egregious winners of the wealthy elite and focus on taking them down – showing how essential we really are. Their workers, particularly, need to strike and we must support them. #WalkOutOnTheRich

  • Kathleen Ryan Gill

    I hate that red is the choice of color. That is a Trump color.

  • Jessica Coco

    No, that’s a problem. Most people do not know there will be a general strike. How would they as the mass media is censoring everything, there’s a lockdown preventing people from disseminating info, and geoengineered foul rainy weather so you can’t even post anything outside or on city poles? If you live in NYC or NJ, we could use help getting the message out. Please contact me-Stopthelockdown at protonmail dot com

  • Alicia

    Where are you located, Jacqueline? There should be some kind of mutual aid network in your area that can help. It’s absolutely imperative that we make sure people are cared and provided for. We’re only as strong as our most vulnerable. I’m sorry that you feel left behind and forgotten.

  • pkstarst0rm

    Thank all the sanitation, grocery story, and food production workers for your sacrifices in these hard times. Without you our society would have fallen apart.

    What? You want living wages?? Get REAL jobs!!

  • MostlyPerfect

    Thank you sanitation, food production, and store workers. You are putting yourselves at great risk so that our society can go on functioning. Without you there would be economic collapse, food riots, and disease outbreaks.

    Wait? You think you should get living wages?? Get REAL jobs!!!

  • Chewbacka Grizelda

    This still requires door-to-door interactions, which I vehemently oppose, even when people are wearing masks (which nearly never happens, at least around here). Once the pandemic is over, this will make a lot more sense, not only because it’ll be safe to deal with the whole thing, but also because, by then, we’ll all have been sent enough Govt. money that’s in excess of anything most of us were already making, that we’ll have (hopefully) saved up at least enough per person to pay for hotel rooms, for when we get kicked out for doing this.

  • Erie County, Pennsylvania.