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The Legacy Of White Liberals Exploiting The Black Vote

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How bad do things need to get before Black folk start something new that is geared towards our collective and comprehensive liberation?

“White liberals are just as corrupt and devilish and imperialist as Republicans.”

On March 3, 2020, former Vice President, Joe Biden, to the euphoric pleasure of Democratic Party elites, was brought back from near political death. After terrible showings in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, Biden was on the verge of receiving his “last rights” as a corporate politician. His Democratic Party elitist cronies were petrified that their last viable selection to derail Bernie Sanders from the Democratic Party’s nomination was on his “last legs.” These corrupt elitist Democrats were likely scrambling trying to figure out which next plan to fall back upon.  However, like a loyal accessory, congressman Jim Clyburn stepped in to save the day, or at least save South Carolina for the Democrats. Clyburn passionately ushered a great many Black voters into the ballot booths, to cast their votes for a man who could not give a damn about their long term liberation and prosperity. Joe Biden has never given a damn about Black people. Black people are merely useful tools in his political chest. Given this undeniable fact, it is unfortunate that most Black voters do not see the likes of Joe Biden for whom they are—political adversaries to our community’s quest for self-determination.

Like a loyal accessory, congressman Jim Clyburn stepped in to save the day.”

As someone who is NOT a “Democrat” (and certainly not a Republican), it is saddening to witness so many African Americans throwing their unconditional support behind the likes of Joe Biden, the man who was a primary author of the 1993/94 Crime Bill Act. Biden was also a strong supporter of the openly racist Strom Thurmond and is a rabid imperialist warmonger. The Democratic Party has done an excellent job of politically domesticating Black voters. Intellectual honest tells us that if Biden was a Republican who did those same things, then those same Black people that voted for him would be referencing those items as talking points to convince others NOT to vote for said Republican. However, since Joe Biden is a Democrat—all is good. His actions against the Black community (and humanity) are excused.

How long will Black voters continue to allow themselves to be duped, stepped on, and used like convenient rags, by the Democratic Party establishment? Again, this writer is NOT a Democrat, however, if I was, I would have to take an honest look at what this party has never done for my community. I would be compelled to say, “Hey, let’s try something else.” We have unconditionally invested in white liberals with our collective votes, only to gain nothing in return. White liberals are highly skilled at lying to the Black community—-masquerading as our friends, all the while supporting policies geared towards our demise.

Let’s try something else.”

It is pure insanity to try the same useless action over and over again, and not expect the same results. However, unfortunately, is it not just insanity, it is political domestication. The Democratic Party is as corrupt and devilish as the Republican Party. They are just as imperialist as the Republicans. They are just as racist, however, instead of calling Black people racist epithets to their face, as Trump, his supporters, and many Republicans do, white liberals will simply support racist policies like gentrification and hyper-policing over communities of color. These things are true, yet so many within the African/Black community continue to unconditionally support people like Joe Biden thus contributing to their own slow demise and irrelevancy. Black people are only relevant when these white liberals need to use Black folks for their votes. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. so rightfully warned us (the Black community) about the nefarious nature of white liberals.

How bad do things need to get before Black folk abscond from the Democratic Party plantation, and throw their weight behind a different political force (e.g., Green Party), or start something new that is geared towards our collective and comprehensive liberation? Until we do this, we will continue to be irrelevant jokes to white liberals (and conservatives), at the expense of our own social, economic and political liberation.

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