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The Lie Of JetBlue Going Carbon Neutral

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The Washington Post recently published an article that “Jet Blue plans to go completely carbon neutral on all U.S. Flights.” While this sounds like a delightful and guilt-free way to keep on flying, this move by Jet Blue is nothing short of a ploy to manufacture a green veneer for their very UN-green activities.  For an excellent analysis of the language behind “green” schemes such as this that actually accelerate environmental destruction and human rights abuses, please listen to the Earth Minute above and then read this piece from the latest World Rainforest Movement Bulletin

How the Language of Domination Drives Deforestation

World Rainforest Movement. Included in Bulletin 247

January 13, 2020

Terms such as REDD – the main international forest policy mechanism that has impacted tropical forests over the last 15 years, – Sustainability and a wide range of others, have strongly influenced debates within and among civil society groups, NGOs, policy-makers, financial institutions and corporations. Yet, there seem to be radically different assumptions about what these terms actually mean and what their role is or should be.

It is not the intention of this bulletin to embark on a debate of what Sustainability – or any other of the concepts discussed in this bulletin – is or should be. Rather, our aim is to open a space for critical reflection on what these concepts actually set in motion for forests and the people who depend on them.

The many struggles against companies claiming to operate Sustainably or implementing REDD projects in the forests are testimony to the clear contradictions between the alluring ideals cited by those who defend these concepts, and the real implications of the many projects and activities through which these concepts manifest on the ground. Governments commit to a Sustainable economy and companies market their products as Sustainable because they know that this terminology resonates with financial backers and consumers.

To read more visit World Rainforest Movement

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