‘The Moron Fascists’: ICE Fails To Properly Redact Document Proposing ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Urban Warfare Training Facility

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Above Photo: ICE agents stage a raid to arrest an undocumented immigrant in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on April 11, 2018 in New York City. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency which carries out the bulk of President Donald Trump’s war on immigrants, is building a “hyper-realistic” urban training ground in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The information was revealed in a poorly redacted acquisition form document posted online that was copy and pasted by Newsweek, revealing the camp’s location and details.

“They really are the moron fascists,” tweeted podcast host Michael Brooks.

The proposal calls for  the construction of realisitic “residential houses, apartments, hotels, government facilities and commercial buildings.”

“ICE is specifically interested in acquiring a ‘Chicago’ style replica, as well as an ‘Arizona’ style replica, with the agency expecting to dedicate a total estimated value of $961,347.75 to the effort,” Newsweek reported.

Newsweek explained the agency definition of “hyper-realism”:

Hyper-realism, the agency states, is “a critical component to this acquisition as the details provide essential information that must be acknowledged, processed and acted upon to minimize risk to our Special Agents, Deportation Officers and SRT operators during high-risk search and arrest warrants, fugitive operations, undercover operations, hostage rescue, gang operations, etc.”

The proposed facility had social media users sounding the alarm over what the training might mean for the future of the agency.

“Sure feels like ICE is positioning itself to become an all encompassing, no accountability, paramilitary force,” tweeted Erica Johnson, the director of AFSC’s Iowa Immigrant Rights Program. “First they came for the immigrants…”

  • Infarction

    The thuggish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rogue element of a rogue state has been in existence since the Bush/Cheney administration. It has escalated its brutality in breathtaking speed during the Obama and Trump administrations.

    Both zombie political parties in the US have acquiesced to first Obama and now Trump reforming an already ruthlessly cruel agency into a modern Gestapo.

  • Note the horrific future of slavery and serfdom now undeniably looming over all of us in the 99 Percent — a future proven by two simultaneous (and obviously related) developments that terrifyingly duplicate historical developments in Nazi Germany.

    The two?

    One is the methodical Gestapo-ization of all the nation’s police and intelligence authorities that began after 9/11 — our very own Reichstag Fire.

    Most notable, as reported above, is the Gestapo-ization of ICE, an agency that has already adopted a ready acronym for “Internal Control Executive” or some other such all-encompassing euphemism for ChristoNazi savagery.

    Two is the equally methodical forcible disarmament of the civilian United States — again exactly as in Nazi Germany — so that any and all U.S. civilians who cannot convince the zero-tolerance local licensing authorities of their lockstep-goosestep ChristoNazi faithfulness will be forever disarmed and thereby reduced to the mandatory pacifism and compulsory victimhood that will enable our enemies to murder us without raising so much as one drop of their own sweat.

    Meanwhile of course the vast majority of the U.S. population — already too brain-warped stupid to grasp that the emergence of these two carefully mated developments are definitive proofs of the terrifying “future” intended for us by the One Percent — responds only by losing itself in cell-phoned celebrations of self-obsession and Twitter idiocy, beneath which lies the ultimate proof of Neoliberal conquest: a totally controlled, totally submissive 99 Percent that began its slow-motion unconditional surrender the day after 22 November 1963.

    Want to view the now-unavoidable future for the U.S. 99 Percent? Visit a homeless camp — or watch the slaves at work in for-profit deathcamps.

    Truth is — save in places with established revolutionary movements (already an impossibility in the imperial homeland due to inescapable total surveillance) — we the people of the U.S. 99 Percent can rationally expect no other future.

  • Jon

    Despair is not a wining strategy! Think dialectically! Internal contradictions create a critical mass at which time change is forced. Mother Nature is showing us that modern technology is vulnerable and no match for her fury.

  • I’ve known Mother Nature can beat modern technology ever since I lived through a major hurricane in 1947; I was seven years old, and the storm’s destruction of Jacksonville Beach remains a vivid memory.

    But that’s beside the point.

    What our Mother cannot defeat is our species’ penchant for self-destruction.

    As for despair, our species’ only hope for survival may be that our (entirely legitimate) despair might finally provoke effective amelioration — though it is increasingly obvious our Neoliberal overlords will never let that happen.


  • Jon

    Loren, But the concept of despair implies “giving up in anguish.” That is NOT what we need. By the way, did you ever contact that woman you knew so long ago?

  • Jon…Tried to reply to you earlier, but “Popular Resistance” is now censoring all my comments — and has already this weekend supressed two of them. (Guess my mistake was pointing out the USian Left is every bit as malicious at censorship as the USian Right.) Hope this stays up long enough to reach you. To read the reply the censors killed, go to my blog in maybe three days. As to the woman in question, I was never able to find her; indeed — a bit eerily it seemed — she appeared to have disappeared, leaving no trace.

  • Jon…below is the censored reply, which PopRez restored sometime today (24 Sep 19). Guess the censors figured it was a bad idea to maliciously suppress work by a semi-retired journalist who began work in 1956 and still has a blog with which to fight back.