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The Movement Will Continue No Matter How The Election Turns Out

Note: Below is an announcement of a partnership between Popular Resistance and Resistance Against Plutocracy which created the ‘Bernie or Bust Campaign.’ This is not an electoral alliance but a movement building alliance. We recognize the incredible work the Bernie Sanders campaign has done to build national consensus around the issue of the unfair Wall Street dominated economy and the corruption of the US electoral system by big money interests. We also recognize that despite the national consensus on these issues an independent mass movement is essential for creating the trasnsformational change need. We hope other supporters of Sanders ‘political revolution’ recognize that a revolution does not coincide with an election but is much bigger than an election.

The people need to build a movement that is able to impact whoever is elected president, as well as congress, state legislatures and local governments. We need to unite Sanders supporters with the popular movement. We know that a Sanders campaign would have been impossible without the movement that changed the political environment and made space in elections for people like Senator Sanders, who has spoken for social movement issues his whole career. And, we know that the work the Sanders campaign has done to build national consensus and mobilize people were major advances for the social movement. There is synergy and that must continue after the election so the people can continue to build their power. KZ and MF

Announcing an Alliance between ‘Bernie or Bust’ and Popular Resistance

Some of the strongest supporters of Bernie Sanders, the Bernie or Bust Campaign organized by Resistance Against Plutocracy, are making plans to continue working toward the goals of the Sanders campaign after the election. A dialogue between Popular Resistance and Bernie or Bust began when David Lindorff published a column suggesting Sanders join with Jill Stein of the Greens in order to continue his campaign through November. We were pleased to learn that those taking the Bernie or Bust pledge grew by nearly 40,000 after they added “or vote Green” to their suggestion for how to respond to a Hillary Clinton nomination.
As individuals we support the plan for Stein and Sanders to work together. We believe that a Sanders-Stein campaign could actually win the election, but we told the brain trust of Bernie or Bust that Popular Resistance is not an electoral group but a movement building group. They expressed interest in helping to continue to build the mass movement we need to transform the country – a movement that has grown significantly since the financial collapse of 2008-09.
We hope more Sanders supporters recognize that no matter how this nomination process turns out, we need to build a mass movement that has the power to set the agenda regardless of who is the next president.
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