The Naked Emperor Exposes Ron Kirk and the TPP

| Educate!

If you haven’t seen their videos yet, here is a new one on former US Trade Representative Ron Kirk and the secret TransPacific Partnership (TPP). You can learn more about the TPP at is a website created by three people, John Sullivan, Richard Bryers and Tere Itteralde. They produce two series of videos: one featuring the Naked Emperor who simply and unabashedly tells the truth about corporations like Monsanto and ways that the looting class takes advantage of people and the other featuring Oli Garch who exposes those who are in power.

A recent video produced by the threesome exposes the intention behind the TransPacific Partnership. We encourage you to watch it and to check out their other videos on The Naked Emperor.

Ron Kirk: Racing to Carry Corporate Water Across Our Olympic Finish Line!