The NY Times Spreads Lies About Venezuela And Cuba

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After the New York Times confirmed that a truck carrying “humanitarian aid” was burned by opposition thugs – not Venezuelan security forces – someone alerted me that this unusual favor offered by the corporate press, publishing a well known fact, was a way to develop legitimacy around the issue of Venezuela and that I should be ready for the next lie that would not be long in coming.

Two weeks did not pass before this prediction was borne out. Sunday, March 17, the Timespublished a report accusing the Venezuelan government, with the complicity of Cuban doctors working there, of using food and medicine to pressure citizens prior to the 2018 Presidential elections, warning people that they would not receive subsidies or treatment if they did not vote for Maduro.

The news agency EFE, reported that this paradigm of the “serious” press based its article on interviews with16 former members of Cuba’s medical missions to Venezuela, who “described a system of deliberate political manipulation in which their services were wielded to secure votes for the governing Socialist Party…”

Medicine was “to be doled out closer to the election, as part of a national strategy to compel patients to vote for the government,” the Cubans were quoted as saying.

Not much intelligence is needed to find new “revelations” in the background. First of all, is the clear attempt to cast doubt on the validity of the May 2018 elections, reporting stories from Cuban doctors, whose “accounts of manipulation and fraud underscore the many challenges to Mr. Maduro’s legitimacy as President.”

Secondly, the solidarity of Cuban medical missions in the country is questioned. The Times repeats the message of Cuban interference that has been repeated for years by hawks in the U.S. in charge of defamatory campaigns against Cuba and Venezuela.

The article continues, “But the use of Cuban doctors to exert political control is not widely known, the doctors say, and the practice casts a harsh light on a sweeping exchange that supposedly benefits all Venezuelans, regardless of their politics.”

It is no surprise, then, that immediately following this report, Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton, tweeted, “…Maduro and his Cuban masters have lied and killed to usurp democracy and steal the wealth of the Venezuelan people. A clear example of Maduro ignoring the needs of the people and worsening the situation for personal gain.”

Coincidentally, the New York Times latest lie was published just a few weeks after Cuba denounced the bill proposed by Senators Robert Menéndez and Marco Rubio, longtime promoters of anti-Cuban campaigns and policies, to reactivate the immigration Parole Program for Cuban medical professionals. The legislative initiative is a thinly veiled attempt to rob the island of its doctors.

It would not be uncommon for the sources cited by the New York Times to be part of the “reactivation” of a program designed to encourage the abandonment of missions by Cuban doctors working in other countries. But the editors of the “prestigious” newspaper, apparently, ignore that their testimonies have no validity, if one takes into account that their probable admission to the United States is conditioned by their good services to the campaign of lies against Cuba.It is the immigration policy of the truth or the visa. As the report by the Times points out, one of the witnesses is “one of the few doctors interviewed who has returned to medicine, with a small practice in Ecuador.”

Apparently, the New York Times is not above participating in the fake news campaign being waged against the Bolivarian Revolution by the United States.

  • mwildfire

    But how does this make any sense? I find it very questionable that Cuban doctors would make such statements unless it were true; and improbable that anyone could use medicine to secure votes anyway, as Venezuela does have a secret ballot, and the doctors are there because of the Bolivarian revolution–surely there would be less medical care for the poor if the right wing retook power, surely even they would admit that. Is the NYT naming these doctors? Maybe they made up the whole thing.

  • kevinzeese

    This is one doctor of tens of thousands. This doctor lives in Chile. Margaret Flowers tried to get more information from him and he said he would only talk to her in person. For some reason he did not want to put his comments. I suspect that would have made them too easy to check. This is inconsistent with everything we heard in Venezuela.

  • mwildfire

    One doctor? But the article says “based on interviews with 16 former members of Venezuela’s medical missions…” which makes it much more credible, except for the questions I pointed out…and the New York Times’ history of pushing EVERY war based on whatever transparent lies the administration offers, then pretending to have been duped.

  • Jo Hayward-haines

    In general, the Times story would lack credibility worldwide since Cuban doctors are widely respected for their long-standing humanitarian work in other countries – especially African.