The Occupy Portraits: A Photo Essay

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Annie Appel rotating pictures

Photographer Annie Appel has done an amazing job of documenting many of the people who participated in the Occupy Movement. Appel writes:

“When the Occupy protests began, I was inspired to contribute my best efforts. As a documentary photographer, this is my activism: to offer these images in the hope that their chronicle of a movement will inspire others to continue to act boldly in the cause of universal justice.”

Appel has produced a 572-page book of portraits documenting activists from the Occupy movement in twelve cities across the United States – people like you and me, the 99%. In the interest of historical accuracy, everyone she¬†photographed is included, presented in chronological sequence, and paired with their answer to my question, “What would you change first to make this a better world?”

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, International Diplomat founder Carne Ross, and art historian Dr. Karen Kleinfelder have honored the work, respectively, with a foreword, an introduction, and an essay.

Click here to enjoy an on-line version of the book for free.