The Plot To Kill Care

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Medicare turns 52 this Sunday as Republicans lament their slow going efforts to privatize a public service on behalf of the insurance industry and other healthcare profiteers. (This is also Medicaid’s birthday, healthcare for the poor, passed along with Medicare, health care for the elderly). That being said, Democrats have made a concerted effort to do the same, they just wrap their efforts in a more caring and affordable facade. As we stare down the possibility of millions more losing access to life saving medicines and treatment, the numbers show that neither the ACA nor the House’s AHCA or the senate’s BCRA will alleviate widespread suffering, deaths or economic hardships. Only one thing can solve the US health crisis: single payer, improved Medicare for All. So, as we come around to Medicare’s birthday, we can’t just watch Congress ready their machetes and slash away at care for the sake of profit. We need to join the fight for improved Medicare for All, once and for all – here’s how.

This week on Act Out! Medicare turns 52 years old this year and as organizers gear up for their 52 events for Medicares 52nd, we take another look at why Medicare for All matters and how you can join the fight. Next up, Cultures of Resistance director Iara Lee wasn’t content to just document suffering – she wanted to help. In this special interview, she outlines her work as an activist, artist and filmmaker, how art is a catalyst for change and what she’s learned on the front lines of hundreds of movements for change.

  • DHFabian

    It’s more complicated than that. Medicaid provides coverage for some low-wage workers, the elderly poor, and the disabled. The poor who have been pushed out of the job market (we simply don’t have jobs for all) don’t qualify for Medicaid. We still have emergency room services for them, for now.

    For the elderly poor and the disabled, Medicaid covers the Medicare premium, and coverage for essential prescriptions, eye glasses, etc. Medicaid also goes towards rent subsidies for assisted living apartments for this group (far preferable to, and far more cost-effective than, nursing homes). As far as I can determine, “Medicare for All” excludes Medicaid, thereby cuts off all those who rely on Medicaid for their survival.

    This matters because Democrats appear to be OK with ending Medicaid. Democrats, of course, took the lead in the “war on the poor” back in the 1990s. Note that as recently as 2015, Dems in Congress voted to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled — cut from $115 per month, down to $10.

  • alanall

    Before writing responses like this you might want to take the time to actually read HR 676. It is easily accessed from the USA House of Representatives website.

  • kevinzeese

    Everything you describe from Medicaid would be covered by HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. You have been told this multiple times yet you keep repeating false information.

  • Aquifer

    After numerous corrections of your false characterization of what HR676, Improved Medicare for All, will do – replace the need for Medicaid – one has to wonder just what your motivations are ….