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The Quiet Revolution Is Here, Help Map It.

We’re at the start of a Quiet Revolution — and independent workers are leading the way.

We’re lifting our collective middle fingers to an economy that’s no longer in line with our values. From coworking spaces to food co-ops to credit unions, we’re driving big change by making small choices about how we work, shop, and bank.

Now workers can put the money we earn toward institutions that are sustainable, have a social-purpose and are connected to their communities.

But how do you find the Quiet Revolution’s shops and organizations?

That’s why we made the “How to be a Quiet Revolutionary” Map.

Our new interactive map is your guide to living a life that matches your values.

Hungry? Search for a great local food co-op. Itching for a concert? Find a cooperative music venue. Stressed out by a tough client? Breathe deep at a yoga collective.

We need your help to map the Quiet Revolutionaries in your community.

Help us map the movement.

Help us map, then tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Quiet Revolution is here. And, with your help, it’s growing.

Let me know what you think on Twitter at @Sara_Horowitz or #QuietRevolution.

So, what should I post to the map?

Your local community garden. That artist-owned studio space you love. The babysitting coop your neighbors started.  Any place that is helping regular people live the independent, connected life they want to live. And if it’s owned by the people who work or shop or connect there, that’s even better.

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