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The Sound Of Science, Divest For Our Future, Trade 4 People & Scream At Me

This week, it’s about time we hear about climate change – but really hear it. Does freedom mean the right to refuse to serve people because of race or other aspects of someone you don’t like? Is that what freedom means? Music can turn abstract numbers of climate change into something we can feel and hear. Here’s how a group of musicians turns the last 130 years of climate data into climate music. Victoria Fernandez from dishes on the political and public effects of divestment – uninvesting money invested in carbon fuels – surprising, but money matters. Bravo to those who shut down the San Francisco financial district over climate change investments. Then starting October 10, we’ve got a week long, international push for people and planet and against the corporatocracy. Action required immediately: Time to stop those trade deals. Sweden deserves a shout out for plans to go carbon free and move to renewable energy. And finally, scream for me — join the Rooftop Revolutionaries montage of screams. But first, we reserve your rights.


Climate Music
Go Fossil Free
Flood the System
Rooftop Revolutionaries

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