‘The Time For Excuses Is Over’: Extinction Rebellion Protests Shut Down European Cities

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Above Photo: Extinction Rebellion protesters in London. (Photo: Jess Nyman, Twitter)

“One day I want to have kids. But I don’t think I can. I don’t see a future that’s livable at the moment.”

Activists across Europe blocked off major streets and public areas Monday as they called for immediate action from world leaders to deal with the climate crisis.

The movement, Extinction Rebellion (XR), is holding protests across the world from April 15 to 22 for an “International Rebellion” against a climate crisis that is escalating rapidly.

Importantly, XR stresses that it “doesn’t rely on false positivity or hope.”

A London protester bemoaned the fact that she found it unlikely she’d have children due to the climate crisis.

“One day I want to have kids,” said the woman protester. “But I don’t think I can. I don’t see a future that’s livable at the moment.”

“XR communicates precisely about the climate emergency we face and then asks people to act accordingly,” said the group in a statement announcing the week’s action. “It’s working.”

The protest movement was endorsed by writer and activist George Monbiot in a Guardian column Monday.

“The time for excuses is over,” wrote Monbiot. “The struggle to overthrow our life-denying system has begun.”

That militant posture is leading to real actions with real consequences.

In London, protesters shut down the Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus with marchers and floats.

Swedish protesters held a die-in to occupy the country’s Parliament.

The Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin was shut down by protesters as well.

  • Neville

    What man made climate change are they protesting about ?
    For all the muck we humans produce that is exhausted into the atmosphere is dwarfed by the amount of toxins pumped into the atmosphere and under sea by volcanic activity that has been doing so longer than humans existed on this planet .
    I agree we need change to clean our mess in the seas and on land and the air we breath but blaming wont solve the problems we should be facing together constructively

  • William Johnson

    Ever read “This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klein or “The End of Ice” by Dahr Jamail? If you read these two seminal books on the climate crisis, you’d better understand the adverse affects humans are having on our earth, although I agree we need to work together and in increasingly constructive ways too.

  • Neville

    The climatic conditions will change as it revolves around the planet , as we are seeing the permafrost melting in Siberia we will see somewhere else freeze over much how history tells us that the Sahara desert was one a jungle now covered in sand .
    Whales used to swim straight through the middle of Australia on their migratory course from north to south now we see them heading north and diverting east and west as the head north .
    The Great Barrier Reef was once a rainforest much like how it was possible to walk to Papua New Guinea so there is nothing we can humanly do that cause climate change as much as anything we can humanely do to stop it so all this protesting is but a waste of time and resource when it can be better spend working how we can keep this planet clean of the mess we collectively cause .