The Unist’ot’en People Will Stop The Northern Gateway


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Unist’ot’en Camp has recently learned that the construction phase of the proposed Pacific Trails Pipeline has started from the East and also from the West. They intend to have the pipeline finished to the Eastern and Western borders of our unceded lands with us as the last obstacle.Pacific Trail Pipeline map

The entire illegitimate BC governmental system as well as the Harper regime plan on using mainstream media and their powers within to come down hard on the Wet’suwet’en for our refusal to allow them to bully their way into our lands.

It is time for us Wet’suwet’en to hunker down and assemble all of the allies and supporters and begin working at shutting down the present construction phase. All researchers and activists who have committed to helping us need to step up now and provide help where you can.

Who are the real terrorists? Certainly not the people working to protect the land. In this video, Unis’tot’en Camp member Dini Ze Toghestiy talks about the mislabling of land defenders as terrorists, when the opposite is true. Indigenous land defenders are protecting their lands and communities from the terrorism of colonialism and industrial resource extraction.


Support the Unist’ot’en Resistance, click here.