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The US Wants To Overthrow Prime Minister Hasina From Power

Above Photo: The Warmonger, Joe Biden. Reuters.

The Bangladeshi Prime Minister made herself an enemy of the US empire by refusing to sing the same tune along with them.

“We will intervene whenever we decide it’s our national security interest to intervene, and if you don’t like it, lump it. Get used to it, world.” – Duane R. Clarridge, Ex-CIA Chief [Latin America division]

The Removal of Imran khan:

An empire doesn’t like those who are unwilling to serve its purpose. Since the invasion of Ukraine, the White House made it crystal clear that the nations who denounce or won’t support its “unprecedented and expansive” sanctions against Russia, will have to pay a heavy price. The world already witnessed Washington’s removal of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan who refused to sing the same tune along with the Empire to wage a war against Russia by visiting Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine. He refused to be a slave of the Western powers and shouted out loud, “What do you think of us? Are we your slaves… that whatever you say, we will do?” As a result of Imran’s refusal to be a slave cost him his chair with an attempted assassination meant to get rid of him. A leaked Pakistani Diplomatic Cypher [Transcription], obtained by Ryan Grim from The Intercept, revealed that US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu was a key player in pushing to overthrow the Pakistani Prime Minister. The secret document revealed that Lu made it clear to Asad Majeed Khan [Pakistan Ambassador to the US at the time] of Washington’s intention for a regime change:

“If the no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister succeeds, all will be forgiven in Washington because the Russia visit is being looked at as a decision by the Prime Minister. Otherwise, I think it will be tough going ahead.”

The US-Backed Genocide in East Pakistan [1971] And Hasina’s Push for Bringing Back Rashed Chowdhury:

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh made herself an Enemy of Washington due to her constant push to hand over her father Sheikh Mujibar Rahman’s killer whom the United States sheltered for many years. The US supported West Pakistan [Now Pakistan] during East Pakistan’s [Now Bangladesh] struggle for freedom. The empire provided everything it could to the West Pakistan military to create a bloodbath in East Pakistan. Archer Blood, The United States consul general in Dhaka [1970-71], revealed how “Pakistan was using U.S. weapons— tanks, jet fighters, gigantic troop transport airplanes, jeeps, guns, and ammunition—to crush the Bengalis.” In one of the first “dissent cables”, Blood questioned US policy and morality, “unfortunately, the overworked term genocide is applicable.” The Secret Cable known as “The Tilt” shows that former President Richard Nixon and the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger agreed to “help Yahya Khan [Pakistan’s President at that time] achieve a negotiated settlement.” They both decided to go ahead with the policy that “would have the advantage of making the most of the relationship with Yahya while engaging in a serious effort to move the situation toward conditions less damaging to the US and Pakistani interests.” The Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] played a huge role in the assassination of Sheikh Mujib and members of his family on August 15, 1975. Sheikh Hasina publicly criticized the US for sheltering Rashed Chowdhury, one of the killers of Sheikh Mujib. She also lambasted the US whenever it criticized Bangladesh for its human rights and democracy. Last year, attending the unveiling ceremony of memoirs published by the Supreme Court titled “Bangabandhu and Judiciary” and “Nyay kantha”- the Prime Minister remarked:

“Since I came to power, I have repeatedly asked every president of The United States how they continue to shelter a convicted felon. How does their judiciary allow it?… I don’t know why America which is very vocal about democracy, is giving shelter to a killer.”

Refused to Go Along with the Empire:

Micheal Kugelman from Foreign Policy Weekly suggested that The United States has put sanctions on Bangladesh as it “believes Bangladesh has not addressed its long-standing concerns about human rights and democracy.” It is just a plain and simple misunderstanding of the empire’s policy towards Bangladesh. The US doesn’t have any concern whatsoever about the “human rights and democracy” in Bangladesh. The Biden administration doesn’t like the fact that Hasina refused to go along with them in its inhumane sanctioning against Russia. Knowing the consequences, and also aware of the fact that “The United States can overthrow the government in any country,” Sheikh Hasina criticized Washington’s intention to wage a war against Russia and also emphasized the suffering of the people:

“I believe that no country can be controlled by imposing sanctions on it. Those who want to engage in a war can go on, but global goods transportation and import and export shouldn’t be hampered. The common people should not suffer.”

Bangladesh’s Growing Relationship with China:

The US is also deeply worried about the fact that the Bangladeshi Prime Minister wants to deepen ties with China, Washington’s enemy number one to rule over Asia. With an estimated USD 31 Billion investment, China has become a major investor in Bangladesh. Jinping government also promised to safeguard Bangladesh’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized China’s intention to ‘‘work together with Bangladesh and other countries to oppose all forms of hegemonic and power politics… And build a community with a shared future of mankind.” According to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, China’s Exports to Bangladesh were US$26.81 Billion in 2022. They also welcomed Bangladesh to join BRICS. The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning assured Bangladesh, “China is committed to advancing the BRICS expansion and stands ready to bring more like-minded partners into the big family of BRICS.” The Foreign Minister of Bangladesh AK Abdul Momen recently shared Bangladesh’s willingness to join BRICS:

“We will surely join once they invite us. We are yet to receive any formal letter (inviting us to join). BRICS leaders are thinking of taking some emerging economies – around eight new countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.”

The Empire’s Sanctions against Bangladesh:

An empire that continuously interferes with other countries’ elections, orchestrates coups to overthrow democratically elected leaders- doesn’t give a fuck about “holding free and fair elections.” On the 24th of May 2023, the US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken announced a new Visa Policy under section 212 (a) (3) (C) (“3c”) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to ‘‘restrict the issuance of visas for any Bangladeshi individual, believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic election process in Bangladesh.” The main agenda of the new visa policy is not meant to “support Bangladesh’s goal of holding free, fair, and peaceful national elections,” but to give an ultimatum to the people holding power in Dhaka. The US also put sanctions on Rapid Action Battalion [RAB] on the grounds of  ‘serious human rights abuse’ on the 10th December 2021. Seven individuals associated with RAB including Chowdhury Al-Mamun, the Director General of RAB were also sanctioned by the White House. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, RAB’s war on drugs “threatens U.S. national security interests by undermining the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the economic prosperity of the people of Bangladesh.” Ironically, RAB was formed in 2004 by the US to combat terrorism. Washington provided equipment and also trained the officers working within the force.

They Don’t Want Her to Be in Power:

Sheikh Hasina has no choice but to secure close ties both with China and Russia due to the sanctions imposed by the US. She has already paid a heavy price for not condemning Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. From imposing sanctions on RAB to a new visa policy- Washinngton’s way of sending a chilling message to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister. The US is not shying away from showing hostility toward Hasina. During Hasina’s visit to Washington in May for a World Bank engagement, no one from the Biden administration opted to meet her. The message is crystal clear- If Sheikh Hasina won’t agree to sing along with Joe Biden in his quest to dominate the world through war both against Russia and China, then she’ll face the same consequences as the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. In May, She expressed her concern in an interview with BBC that the US doesn’t want her to continue:

“Maybe they [the US] don’t want me to continue… or the progress we are making for Bangladesh, they may not want to accept it… This is my feeling.”

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