The Wall Street Journal’s Pitch For Mass Murder

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Above photo: President Trump at the White House on Friday, with LHC Group Executive Vice President Bruce Greenstein; National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci; and Vice President Mike Pence. Jonathan Ernst /Reuters.

It’s catching on in capitalist circles.

Not even two weeks into an extraordinary response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the upper echelons of capital are wondering whether saving millions of lives is really worth the damage being done to their investment portfolios. According to reports, the debate among the ruling class is over whether or not to walk back some of the measures taken to slow the spread of the virus — efforts already considered tardy and inadequate by public health experts — in order to minimize business losses.

Like many elite notions, this idea was first launched in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. An unsigned editorial there is the most visible the vanguard of the bourgeoisie ever really make their deliberations, and (behind a paywall, of course) was especially candid.

After opening paragraphs congratulating the response to date, hoping that “with any luck” the nation’s health care system won’t collapse, they lay out their basic thesis:

“Yet the costs of this national shutdown are growing by the hour, and we don’t mean federal spending. We mean a tsunami of economic destruction that will cause tens of millions to lose their jobs as commerce and production simply cease. Many large companies can withstand a few weeks without revenue but that isn’t true of millions of small and mid-sized firms.”

After some attempts at pulling heartstrings over the entrepreneurs that will eat the most shit in the months to come — using the petit bourgeoisie as human shields for big business, as is custom — and some other telling admissions we’ll return to, they end with this:

“Dr. (Anthony) Fauci (Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) has explained this severe lockdown policy as lasting 14 days in its initial term. The national guidance would then be reconsidered depending on the spread of the disease. That should be the moment, if not sooner, to offer new guidance on what might be called phase two of the coronavirus pandemic campaign.”

They do not have the guts to explicitly state that this “phase two” would mean allowing most normal activity — the contact the virus needs to continue its spread — to return, but their weasel word description of “substantial social distancing… in some form” (emphasis mine) says it all. “This should not become a debate over how many lives to sacrifice against how many lost jobs we can tolerate… But no society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its overall economic health.”

They don’t want to debate how many lives to sacrifice in the name of saving “jobs,” — a euphemism for the fortunes of employers, the bourgeoisie — but that’s a great way to describe dialing back the only measures so far demonstrated to work against this plague in the name of economic “health.”

How many lives are we talking about? As I write, 565 people have died of the disease in the United States, with fatalities doubling every 2-3 days. The experience in Europe and China indicates that response measures take roughly a week to slow the virus down. That means that we should see 2-3 more doublings before last week’s actions finally take effect, 2260 to 4520 dead people this week. The Journal and their allies are suggesting that we should let those effects last a week, and then ratchet up the spread of the virus again.

Even assuming a very optimistic scenario where the doubling drops by half — i.e. to once every 4-6 days — and then lands somewhere in the middle — say 3-5 days — that would mean somewhere between 72,000 and nearly 600,000 dead people just a month from now.

But it’s worse than that, because there are about 5 times as many critical cases as there are fatalities. The absolute best case scenario puts us at more than 360,000 critical cases in a country with less than 100,000 intensive care beds. The worst case puts us at 3,000,000.

You can then add thousands of deaths from non-coronavirus causes that could not get adequate treatment — car accidents, allergic reactions, heart attacks, etc. And that month cut off is arbitrary; the deaths would continue after that. In the New York Times Nicholas Kristof quoted a British epidemiologist as estimating a best case of 1.1 million. That best case involves much more distancing than what the Journal and company are proposing. They are calling for hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions, to be sacrificed for the sake of “economic health.”

This bloodthirsty logic is precisely the sort of thing capitalists project onto communists. This, however, brings us to the admission I alluded to above, buried in the middle of the editorial:

“Some in the media who don’t understand American business say that China managed a comparable shock to its economy and is now beginning to emerge on the other side. Why can’t the U.S. do it too? This ignores that the Chinese state owns an enormous stake in that economy and chose to absorb the losses. In the U.S. those losses will be borne by private owners and workers who rely on a functioning private economy. They have no state balance sheet to fall back on.”

We don’t need to debate the class character of the Chinese state — even the Communist Party of China will admit that “socialism with Chinese characteristics” accommodates global capital. Regardless, the Wall Street Journal openly admits that the options at hand are a state-controlled economy capable of stemming the plague’s advance or letting potentially millions of people die for the sake of sustaining a privately-owned one.

The US government could easily freeze all debts, rents, and other contractual payments, guarantee a short-term income for all families, and take all necessary measures to maintain provision of food, medicine, utilities, and vital services until the virus has run out of steam. But even a momentary economy run on the basis of human need and not the accumulation of profit poses the threat of a good example. It’s bad enough that China does it incompletely, hence official bellicosity against them even in this hour of mutual need.

There is no amount of human lives the ruling class wouldn’t trade to prevent that risk, especially when they know they are the least likely to die.

The only silver lining is that one way or the other most of us will come out on the other end of this nightmare, and when we do the argument we must make is clear: capitalism will continue to kill us by the millions and billions until it is stopped. You don’t even have to take our word for it — you can read it in the paper.

  • voza0db

    Don’t worry modern dumb slaves… The SRF & Friends never cared about you, and they for sure won’t start to care today.

  • eight.of.wands

    throughout all of human civilization, every era, every nation, the ‘Haves’ will risk their total annihilation rather than share a bowl of soup with ‘Have Nots’ at the end of their rope….that’s generally the moment when the rope changes hands….or necks, to be more precise….same as it ever was, same as it ever was….Byrne, baby, Byrne is a provocatively planetary game of chicken they will ultimately be very sorry they were foolish enough to challenge us to…

  • jemcgloin

    “After some attempts at pulling heartstrings over the entrepreneurs that will eat the most shit in the months to come — using the petit bourgeoisie as human shields for big business, as is custom…”

    This describes one of the biggest successes of the global billionaire class and the corporate media they own, uniting a large number of small businesses and small farms behind global corporations, by letting them think they have something in common with their biggest competitors, nastiest suppliers, and greediest creditors.

    We are the 60% is not powerful enough an idea to win. The 99% needs to include those that work for themselves, and these people have to feel like they are part of the 99%.

    By letting billionaires create a false dichotomy between ‘capitalism’ (which is just government socialism for the richest) and socialism (which is only a critique of capitalism, but not an actual system to replace it), they have the left scaring small business people and small farmers with words like ‘bourgeoisie’ that sound foreign, scary, and oooh “communist” to them. Red scares are effective. Why help billionaires create them?

    By refusing to understand that most humans like money and markets, the Left keeps shooting itself in the foot. (For example, the drug war has been a failure because even fifty years of trying to end that market has only raised the prices, putting money in the pockets of those violent enough to keep it going.) Government cannot make markets disappear. It can only tax and regulate them.
    We need to win over the entrepreneurs to the need for FAIR markets, and help them understand that ‘free” markets are designed by global billionaires to steal their businesses and farms. Stop giving them a choice between capitalism (which they mistake for fair markets) and socialism (which almost no one actually understands including many socialists).

    Give them a choice between a wise democracy that invests in America and Americans, and creates a level playing field they can compete on against global corporations, versus extreme capitalism that eats small businesses for breakfast. That they can understand. Small players WANT help against the giants. Offer to help.

    Asking “whose side are you on” works out badly, if you define the two sides in a way that they pick the wrong side.

    Speak in simple common language and describe in a way small business people, who are the shock troops of the Republican Party, can UNDERSTAND, why the Left will help them have better lives, not nationalize their small business as they are taught to fear.

    Unite America behind the Constitution and fair markets. Its what We the People can understand at this critical moment in history.

  • Calgacus

    WSJ:In the U.S. those losses will be borne by private owners and workers who rely on a functioning private economy. They have no state balance sheet to fall back on.”

    Of course, blatantly, preposterously false. The fallback on the state balance sheet bills are becoming law right now. And of course heavily weighted for the WSJ parasite crowd – weighted against what is actually needed – help for workers and for healthcare.

    J. E. Karla: even the Communist Party of China will admit that “socialism with Chinese characteristics” accommodates global capital.

    No, it wouldn’t admit this, because it is NOT TRUE. The attitude of most of the left to the paper tiger “global capital” is worship rather than analysis.

    Regardless, the Wall Street Journal openly admits that the options at hand are a state-controlled economy capable of stemming the plague’s advance or letting potentially millions of people die for the sake of sustaining a privately-owned one.

    Again, repeating a basic lie. The US economy, like China is already state-controlled. It hasn’t been anything like a “privately owned one” since the Great Depression. The difference between the US and China is the grip that private owners have on the state. Capitalists exercise their control through the state, not independently of it as so many believe. The great majority, especially on the “Left” blithely ignore and don’t understand basic economic statistics that show this.So they fall for what the WSJ says.

  • blessthebeasts

    The difference is that in the U.S., capitalists control the state while in China, the state controls the capitalists.

  • Nylene13

    I don’t know why Nutrition is not being stressed in this epidemic. Whatever is going on, a strong immune system is what everyone should focus on.

    Eat Healthy!

    Take Vitamin C -and go for 2000 mgs. a day. You can’t OD on it.

    Buy the big giant bottles of chew-able ones.

    Drink Orange Juice, and eat Oranges. Scrape off the white insides of the orange peels and eat those too!

    Cook some hot boiled pasta and add butter-or extra virgin olive oil and grate and add some Parmesan cheese and a big pot of steamed Broccoli.

    Eat with Whole Grain Garlic Bread. Get a Bread Machine.

    Chop up veggies-onions and garlic and carrots and spinach and all kinds of veggies…put it all in a crock pot for 6 hours.

  • rgaura

    This is a test. The scenario played out by Gates Foundation and other actors in October modeled this outbreak and response´. Now, it is being played out in order to see how the public reacts, who will go along, and where objections arise. All social media is being monitored, just as it was during the democratic primary psyops. They ran lots of one trick ponies; Rep Gabbard, to test reactions to an antiwar candidate, Yang, to seed the UBI idea and see the reaction, a woman of color DA (Sen Harris), a populist orator (Sen Sanders) etc etc. Public reactions and approval or disapproval on social media was monitored with an eye to manipulation of various sub groups. The primaries were rigged so the globalist financial tool, Biden won despite severe cognitive decline, with the plan of installing someone else at the last minute during medical martial law or confusion.
    I rather expect that we will be given rankings and those who believe the simulation, or at least support the loss of freedoms and loss of social services like public schools, or resist mass mandatory vaccinations will be given social perks, while other labeled as less `socially responsible´ will be denied privileges like travel, freedom of movement, government jobs, who knows what?
    See Truthstream Media´s latest documentary on the subject; We Are in 12 Monkeys. This is a test, and we need to stand up and say no way to rescuing the kleptocrats, no way to social isolation, no way to the abrogation of informed consent, no way to martial law, no way to crashing the economy, no way to surveillance and manipulation through social media. If we want to salvage a semblance of democracy, we need a national paper ballot movement for November, with one month to register and vote by mail.
    The plan to crash the economy and wipe out family wealth and small businesses will crash asset values, fuel bankruptcies, so that the kleptocrats can once again buy up assets at rock bottom prices, and then wait for asset inflation.
    See also The Highwire´s show examining the medical data, called Trump vs Fauci. It appears that Trump was not fully in on the operation, as it was probably also designed to ruin his chances in November. He opposed Fauci on reasonable grounds, and expressed his desire to not precipitate a great depression by shutting down business for too long. He will be pilloried in the deep state press for those positions. Turns out its a flu, easily treatable with existing medications, we don’t need no stinking vaccine. Yet, due to the massive scare campaign many are stating with certainty that this won’t be over until we have a vaccine.
    These are my opinions and projections, not a certainty. Still, I think we should be considering the overall objectives here. Albania is already under martial law, has lost their democracy and must stay in their homes. This, over 8 cases of flu! There have been food riots.
    This is the wake up call

  • richardprofumo

    Protect your self! Don’t give it to anyone! Live this life with consciousness, courage and commitment!

  • GMOs Live Long & Prosper

    Are you that stupid? Sorry, i forgot who i was talking to.

  • sabelmouse

    ireland will get gold stars as a country, but for me and 3 others.

  • Capitalism has always involved a “how many deaths are acceptable” calculus, and the answer has almost always been “the number of deaths at which people start rising up” minus one — All Cats Are Beautiful (@Vicky_ACAB) March 23, 2020

    The chaos will eventually end but life will not be the same. A system that is inherently antagonistic to human needs is unlikely to return the few public benefits we had left. Disaster capitalism is quite real.

    “The oligachy’s rule over government is obvious and can no longer be kept hidden.”

  • Stop that! You’re making me hungry!

    Just a small nit: You can seriously irritate your stomach with an “overdose” of C. It will send you to the bathroom rather suddenly unless your body is used to it.

    Still, taking a supplement a couple times a day is a good idea. I like to suck on these vitamin C lozenges–grapefruit, lemon and orange, and yes full of SUGAR!!!–that I get cheap and in mass quantities at Longs, a few times a day, since C is water-soluable–meaning your body doesn’t store any of it, like it does with D and other vitamins. A good, all-round multi-vitamin, some C, and a good extra B-vitamins supplement, taken with a meal. Iron is important too for women. And some extra calcium can’t hurt–it can be hard to get enough of it. With supplements, calcium citrate is good but avoid indigestible oyster shell calcium.

    Garlic and onions have a reputation for being strong immune-system boosters, backed up by folklore and nutritional studies. Plus eating large quantities of either or both–especially raw–will very likely help with “social distancing.” ; – )

  • Nylene13

    I read that Good Cook puts Onions in the pot first, and then adds everything else.

    I am going on my monthly Family Grocery/Supplies Shopping today. Should be interesting. Lately, i feel like I am living in a Si-Fi movie.

    The TV News last night said that Nevada gun shops are running out of guns.

    They said many of the buyers are first time gun owners.

  • jemcgloin

    I believe scientists, because, if scientists were liars, the modern world wouldn’t exist. Global warming is changing the climate, and Corona virus is a huge threat, especially to the poor, who tend to have weaker immune systems, because the system neglects their well-beeing.

    This is not the flu. Human immune systems have had exposure to the flu, so it spreads more slowly. If we have half as many Corona cases as flu cases, but they are mostly concentrated in a couple weeks instead of spread across months, that could overwhelm the hospitals and kill far more people.

    It is one thing to be skeptical about what politicians and pundits tell you. It is another thing to think that the scientific community, the doctors, the nurses, and the aides are all lying to us about health and science, and the nightmares they are living through RIGHT NOW. I know a health care administrator working 16 hours a day, trying to keep her nurses alive. She’s not lying to me.

    Go spread your nonsense on Fox.

  • rgaura

    Lots of extremely prestigious doctors in France, at Stanford, and other institutions are walking back the initial drastic predictions, and saying that it is just a flu. Perhaps more contagious than most, but not anything worse than other flus. We have all had coronaviruses.
    You faith in `science´ is really faith in dogma. When science is treated as a religion, it does not serve us, and may serve other agendas.
    40% of our DNA is viral material. Viruses are part of our evolution, as they add DNA, and spread it rapidly through populations. Did you know that children who have many viruses are less likely to develop asthma later in life? They often serve protective functions. We will always have viruses, they are part of the human biome.
    I have been reading science for 50 years. I love to read research, so please, no slurs. Science is a method, which says, according to the evidence, this seems to be the way things work, as far as we know. If new evidence arises, the theories must change. We are in a scientific revolution currently, in many fields, from geology, astrophysics, to cellular biology, having to incorporate electromagnetic realities previously not taken into account.
    Did you know that the `spanish flu ´ was neither spanish nor flu? It was bacterial pnuemonia, most probably precipitated from a horse serum derived vaccine given to servicemen in the US (ft Rickard, I think) before they shipped out to europe, and also sent to 4 or 5 allied countries. It also arose and spread at the time when humans first spread radio waves all over the earth. There may be a connection to the increase in non ionizing radiation around the planet (50 quadrillion times more) and the known effects of immune suppression due non ionizing radiation in the human body. I suspect it is a confluence of causes, and probably different in each country or outbreak.
    For a less extreme critique I think you might enjoy Charles Eisenstein´s Coronation. In it he outlines a very productive exploration of how to look at this event/virus/crisis in terms of what kind of society we want to create, irrespective how or why it came about.
    Please keep reading, keep your mind open, and try to communicate in a respectful manner. Be well.

  • sabelmouse

    you believe sciency propaganda, different thing.

  • jemcgloin

    Chairman Xi is a billionaire, so I think you are being a little optimistic there.

    This is not your grandfather’s China.

  • jemcgloin

    I know that I do not know. If you can show me science that says this is just a flu, I will take that into account.

    What I do know is that friends and acquaintances who are medical professionals (trained scientists practicing medicine and other kinds of care), or managers frantically trying to save nurses’ lives and seeing staff die, dealing with this in the field, in real time, are agreeing with Cuomo, not you.
    I have an open mind and I am respectful, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t disagree with opinions that I’m pretty sure are dangerous at this moment in time. Even if this IS a flu, it is a strain that is fast and deadly. We still need the ventilators and masks, and Trump is still not ordering their production.
    You can’t fake people dying in hospitals from lack of equipment. If this ‘flu’ peaks over a few weeks, rather than over months as normal ones do, then there is not enough equipment and people will die.

    Exponential curves are pretty well understood. The growth factor of deaths from this disease are observable, and and the growth factor is large. If medical supply growth does not match it, more people die.

    Trump needs to order corporations to make the stuff we need.

  • rgaura

    Certainly, some good points on how the response has not been timely or effective. I agree wholeheartedly with that. The deaths are real, the response has been inadequate.
    The pandemic was declared when 150 people had died. Against protocol. The head of the WHO has no expertise in any medical field, but was involved deeply in genocide in his own country. Hmmm.
    There appear to be other factors at play in the virulence and consequent deaths. We know that both Lombardy and Wuhan were places with the worst air pollution on earth, and that people were dying of respiratory problems and pneumonia before the crisis. They also were fully installed with 5Ghz, and so being beamed with high levels of non ionizing radiation which we have know since the 70´s causes immune damage and malfunction, among other problems. So, it looks like a confluence of factors may be involved here. There are reports, just rumors at this point, I have from biophysicist friends, that millions may have died in China due to radiation poisoning. How convenient to blame it on a flu, when you can stop the demonstrations against the increasingly deadly air quality, and lock people at home.
    The school shutdown has been used by some states to install 5G in them. The contractors have secrecy clauses in their contracts. So, when kids go back to school and begin to suffer and die, it can be blamed on a deadly virus!
    No testing is being broadly done, either to test for the virus, or antibodies, to see how many have been exposed, and how many carry immunity. No public health response can make sense absent this knowledge. We don’t even know if the virus causes said symptoms, because the basic tests have not been done.
    Start with Peter Koenig, There are dozens of articles that point out these curious lapses, and also point to the coronavirus exercise 201 put on by known fascists eugenicists like the Gates Foundation and GAVI last October. Curious, to say the least, as the media and institutional responses mirror the exercise in uncanny ways.
    We need to confront this crisis using out frontal cortexes, which we cannot do while in a state of fear or panic.
    The Imperial Institute, which gave the grave and hysterical forecast of 500,000 excess deaths in the US and millions worldwide never released its methodology for the predictive study, against scientific protocol. They have recently down graded that estimate to maybe 20,000, or 5,400. Now, that is a discrepancy of 2400%. It does not meet the level required to describe a pandemic. It brings it down to a bad flu season.
    Lots to look at here. See The Highwire, a medical journalist show on youtube. See all of the doctors worldwide questioning the hysteria, See the rapid cures produced by low tech, or well known drugs; intravenous vitamin C, ozone therapy, malaria drugs. Low cost and effective within 24 hours. Why are they not being used in the US?
    See the 450 million granted to a US drug company who has thousands of cases outstanding against it for marketing dangerous products that harm people. They have paid out billions in fines for death and harms due their products. They have never produced or sold a vaccine. The vaccine in development is a new RNA technology that has caused terrible effects and death in animal testing, and which due the crisis, they will be allowed to skip. The normal development of at least 5-7 years will be shortened to 18 months!
    So, we need to look at the multiple scams being run under cover of crisis, and determine if the virus is even the sole cause of the problems, which may be immune system failures due multiple factors.
    Thanks for the respectful reply. I don’t watch Fox news, haven’t watched commercial TV since 1965, as I resist programming. I was a bit insulted!
    The truth will set us free, so lets keep digging!

  • jemcgloin

    Did you see the latest scam under cover of the virus? Trump is firing Inspector Generals and replacing them with political loyalists, violating bot the spirit and letter of the laws that created those positions.
    Public Servants swear protect the Constitution, not the President.