#TheGenerationOfNow Hosted by REDEFY

This is a compilation of clips from Redefy’s conference, #TheGenerationOfNow, held on Sunday, December 13th, 2015. It was an event featuring activists on the imperative nature of racial justice. The event took place at the Carl A. Fields Center for Cultural Understanding and Equality at Princeton University, and was hosted in partnership with Not in Our Town – Princeton and the Princeton University Muslim Life Program. The entire preparation process was coordinated by redefy (an internationally recognized teen organization committed to defying stereotypes/redefining perspectives positively). The effort was spearheaded by Nick Jain (VP of Event Planning), Nicole Hartley (Head Officer of Event Planning), and Ziad Ahmed (Founder and President) who are all Princeton Day School students. The event was also held in commemoration of #HumanRightsDay that took place on December 10th.

We are hopeful that people are motivated by this video to post using the hashtag to declare why they want to make a difference in order to let us be defined by mobilization, not procrastination.

We were so pleased to see over 150 people in attendance at the event (almost all of which were teenagers. The speakers were truly incredible, and everything exceeded any expectations we could have had for the day. We are extremely thankful to all those who made #TheGenerationOfNow a reality, and are looking forward to furthering our commitment to justice by continuing to engage our amazing community. You can learn more about the event/speakers here: http://www.thegenerationofnow.com/.

The speakers featured in this video are as follows in the order that they appear: Ziad Ahmed (Founder and President of Redefy), Imam Sohaib Sultan (Muslim Chaplain at Princeton University), Mayor Liz Lempert (Mayor of Princeton), Nick Jain (VP of Event Planning for Redefy), Donya Nasser (US UN Youth Observer), Dani Laurence (Creator for the #IAmYourProtector Campaign), Essma Bengabsia (NYU Student/Activist), Brittany Packnett (Educator/Activist/POTUS Policing Task Force Member), Goldie Taylor (Editor-At-Large of The Daily Beast), Zellie Imani (Teacher/Activist/Blogger), Haroon Moghul (Senior Correspondent at Religious Dispatches), Haroon Ullah (Senior Advisor at the US State Department), Ryan Wong (Organizer/Writer), Ellyn Ito (SeedsToSew International Founder), Lina Wu (NYU Student/Activist), and Caroline Lee (Teacher/Writer).

You can view pictures of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s….

And as always, please feel free to e-mail contact.redefy@gmail.com with any questions whatsoever.