No EU Solution To Climate Change As Long As TTIP Exists

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Above Photo: From Independent.Co.Uk. People make the “Pray for Paris” sign along with the slogan “100 percent renewable” in Paris, on the sidelines of the COP21 climate change conference. 

A leaked document shows that EU governments are blocking meaningful action on climate change

The European Union has been caught trying to undermine any meaningful outcome from the UN climate talks in Paris by instructing its representatives to block discussion of two key mechanisms that could help combat the effects of global warming: the introduction of measures to curb the negative environmental impacts of global trade, and the transfer of technology to help poorer countries in their fight against climate change.

As the COP21 negotiations enter their final week, a leaked internal EU document published today reveals that European governments have instructed their representatives to block any discussion of measures to combat climate change that might be a “restriction on international trade”. While delegates from the global South have called for greater flexibility in trade agreements to protect their fragile ecosystems, the EU insists that the Paris talks must not allow other countries to limit trade and investment opportunities for European corporations seeking to penetrate new markets around the world.

Moreover, the EU has instructed its representatives to prevent the UN from launching any future work programme to look into the issue of trade measures and climate change, or from setting up formal links with the World Trade Organisation as the international body tasked with overseeing global trade rules. When it comes to the issue of technology transfer that might assist poorer countries in climate change mitigation, the EU instructs its representatives to block any challenges to the existing “intellectual property rights” regime that favours the continuing corporate control of technology.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) now being negotiated between the EU and the USA exemplifies the contradiction between Europe’s rhetoric on free trade and climate change. The European Commission has admitted that TTIP represents a danger to biodiversity, natural resources and the environment. In its official impact assessment, published at the start of the EU-US negotiations, the Commission admits that the ambitious outcome it seeks in TTIP will see millions of extra tonnes of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere. Yet at no time have European governments considered this a reason to rethink the deal.

On the contrary, the EU is pressing for a dedicated energy chapter in TTIP that will see a massive increase in imports of gas and oil from the US – including oil from the notorious tar sands, known to be among the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of all fossil fuels. The recent revelation that EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström has handed over the drafting of this energy chapter to the oil and gas companies themselves shows the contempt the EU has for all those trying to avert climate catastrophe.

The new investment court system that the trade commissioner has designed for TTIP will grant US companies a new power to sue European countries over any future public policy decisions that could harm their bottom line – including any environmental regulations designed to prevent an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

The EU knows that it cannot maintain its fiction of being a “global leader” in the fight against global warming while it pushes ahead with a new generation of climate-hostile free trade deals. Yet instead of addressing the hypocrisy of its position, the EU has told its representatives to block any discussion in Paris.

The governments of Europe would rather condemn the world’s most vulnerable communities to the full impact of runaway climate change than open up an honest debate of the issues. Shame on them.


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    Get READY; Be READY; and GO!


    (A WAVE of [Global] SOLIDARiTY)!!

    12.12.15 – 12.29.15+

    Whatever/Wherever [WE] BEES might be. EVERYWHERE !

    WE ARE THE 100%! F’K da 1%!

    Note: Bring YE n YO Stingers (this Time)

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Great article! The case is already fully built that the ruling elite is largely pysychopaths who have no qualms about wrecking the planet. But every bit of additional information helps. Hopefully, we will be able to use it a Nuremberg type trial.

  • Jon

    Second THAT motion! First, the arrests and confinement pending such trials.

  • RobertVincin

    Officials MOPs delegates-et al cannot walk from COP21 Paris with all but a “vision of a switch” to hold global temperature increase uniformly globally at 1.5 degrees forever!

    After 21 years and certainly since COP3, MOPs or COPs can no longer be just a reporting body, broad and significant change is demanded.

    The late Hon Maurice Strong had a wish to restructure the UN to apply in the field its’ massive expertise. From my first meeting with Maurice (MS), to his appointing me to a UNCTAD body (pre-Kyoto protocol) 1996-99, to my many breakfasts, lunches, dinner across Beijing and PRC2005-11, (occasionally with Hanne) he saw computers (www) achieving all the UN agencies can gather. His hopes were each agency could implement their skill and contacts into actual field implementation, with the commercial world and cooperative governments participating in massive flow on benefits!

    COP21 rather than a vision of a switch to stop temperature rise, recommend applying CO3 lower CO2 and grow carbon back into soil across the most depleted nations, and, have global CO2e emitters via UNFCCC purchase low cost offsets. A single stroke of a pen will reverse CO2, desertification, drought, poverty, mass migration and illiteracy, ill babies. The Bonus, all UN bodies move to apply their science “in the field” a true UN operation. This was outlined in 2014 by SG Ban Ki-moon re-carbon the soil, lower CO2 under UNFCCC 100yr rule. This is a low cost offsets to emitters and the uniform protocol skills can be applied to capture real nasty emissions at source and convert to carbon!

    So sign off on the above wish of MS, and take a place in history front page or leave Morocco to take delegates through the wall of migrating sand to figure out how your switch works. Place your role at the top of your resume, give lectures! There is no switch, if there was, No1 and Nature would have developed it long ago! Without Prejudice Robert Vincin PS here is a 8Bn t CO2 pa reduction