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This Is OUR Moment. It’s Time To Realize OUR Power

It is Time for US to Reset The Net; Not To Ask For Our Privacy but to Take It Back.

Join the campaign at ResetTheNet.

This is about freedom. When governments steal our data and invade our private lives, they change how we think, how we express ourselves, and how much power they have over us.

Luckily, we’re stronger than they are. On June 5th, websites, organizations, and thousands of people are closing the door on the mass surveillance by resetting the net. Together, we’ll turn off the parts of the web that governments have infected, and bring them back with new armor that directly confronts the spying. We’ll make the Internet ours again, for all of our thoughts and dreams. No one can stop us now.

Now that we know how bulk surveillance programs work, we know they have a weakness: the NSA can hack anybody but their bulk spying operation that violates our human rights relies on specific, technological mistakes — mistakes we can fix. Reset the Net is our moment to harness the collective power of the web and meet mass surveillance head on.

By June 5th, do something to reset your part of the web. Figure out how you can shut off the parts the government has invaded and start using new technology that directly interferes with dragnet surveillance. Don’t just do it alone, tell everyone that you’re helping to Reset the Net.

No data should be sent in the clear. Ever.
Websites can add SSL. Email services can add START-TLS. Large companies must encrypt links between data centers.

End-to-end crypto can be massively popular.
There is no reason why a free software app with end-to-end crypto can’t get as popular as Skype or Whatsapp. Got the skills? Start fresh now, help make an existing app more popular & viral, or add strong crypto to an already-popular product. For inspiration: AdiumPidginOTRTextSecure,LEAPChatSecureSecureDropTorDuckDuckGoDisconnect.MeGPGtools.

Users have power.
You don’t have to be an engineer to join the fight. We can push companies to do the right thing and vote with our feet, by evangelizing the best secure tools.

Be a hero.
Don’t just run down a checklist. Think about where your skills & relationships can potential.

We don’t need anyone’s permission to restore our privacy.

It is up to US

Join the campaign at ResetTheNet.

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