Fighting Fraudulent Foreclosure with Steve Bailey, David Petrovich, Debra Castilo and Kevin Whelan

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We discussed what the big banks are doing to rip off homeowners in honor of the JusticetoJustice week of actions in DC organized by the Home Defender’s League. Anti-foreclosure activists are in Washington, DC this week to demand that Attorney General Eric Holder hold the big banks accountable for fraudulent foreclosures. The banks use a variety of tools to profit from illegal foreclosures that displace millions of people each year from their homes even when they can make their mortgage payments. Our guests were Steve Bailey, an anti-foreclosure activist in Denver, CO,  David Petrovich of the NJ Society for the Preservation of Continued Homeownership and author of Fighting Foreclosure. We were also joined by Debra Castilo and Kevin Whelan of the Home Defender’s League.

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steve baileySteve Bailey – is a professional land surveyor in Denver Co. In 2010 my family lost our home to a fraudulent foreclosure without missing any payments. As a result of losing our home, my reputation and credit were destroyed which cost me my business and nearly left my family in homelessness. After working for 20 years to achieve the American Dream I found out that legal, business, and political interests have become so corrupt that they have stripped from us many of the rights we have come to take for granted. I have now become an activist dedicated to fighting unjust foreclosures with the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition and the Home Defenders League. Visit


David PetrovichDavid Petrovich – is a consumer advocate whose career in the foreclosure realm spans 30 years.  In the early 1990’s right around the time the diabolical MERS was devised, he worked  for GE Capital’s prototype loss mitigation division based in St. Louis,  and served as mortgage loan servicing expert in Federal Courts in NJ, NY, and Pennsylvania.   He has investigated allegations of predatory lending, predatory mortgage loan servicing, and fraud for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

He has been Executive Director for Society for Preservation of Continued Homeownership a national 501c3 organization since 1998, helping empower financially distressed homeowners Fight Foreclosure.  He has worked with thousands of families in various stages of mortgage and tax foreclosure.  If you call NJ’s crises hotline with a tax foreclosure problem, you’ll probably end up speaking with Dave.  His wife, Lynn, a forensic CPA and freelance journalist who advocates for a universal single payer healthcare delivery system, and their daughter, Katrina, an attorney and animal rights activist, help out whenever possible.

Formerly a frequent contributor to the New York Times, CNN, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Chicago Tribune, Dave has written numerous essays and several books on mortgage foreclosure including Foreclosure: Facts and Falsehoods, Ethical Short Sales and  Fight Foreclosure. Since no publisher is willing to touch his shocking new book,  Foreclose This! it is to be self published and made available on line.

For a confidential review and recommendation, Dave can be reached by email: or call 732.571.9464.

Debra Castilo – a homeowner from St. Louis Missouri who is here the the Justice to Justice Rally will be able to join you in the studio. She is a member of MORE and the Home Defenders League.

Kevin Whelan – is Home Defenders League campaign director. The Home Defenders League is a national organization fighting against foreclosures and for a just resolution to the mortgage crisis including the mass principal reduction for underwater homeowners. The League includes 24 community-based affiliates, Occupy Homes groups, and organizing networks including the Alliance for a Just Society and Right to the City Alliance and thousands of member families across the country.