This Week In Pictures, October 14-20

| Resist!

This week we saved pictures of a variety of resistance actions that took place all over the world to give you a glimpse of the global movement for peace and justice. Workers from McDonalds and Walmart went on strike for better wages, conditions and to support co-workers who were fired for organizing. Blockades were ongoing in Argentina to stop Monsanto and in Canada to stop SWN Resources from fracking. Thousands protested in Rome, Italy against high unemployment and budget cuts. In Hamburg, Germany, they protested high rents and in France, students protested in solidarity with two Roma students who were expelled. Farmers in Guanajuato, Mexico blockaded the highway in protest of corn and grain prices and in Spain they gathered to call for “cambiar todo.” In the Maldives, people protested for voting rights. In Fort Edward, NY, people came from all over the continent to stand in solidarity with workers protesting General Electric. One participant said that every type of union was present.┬áThousands gathered at PowerShift, and thousands protested around the world for the Global Frackdown.

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