Thousands March In Staten Island Against Police Brutality

Above: “As far as the I can see”. Below “A big turnout for justice.” By Matthew Weinstein from his photography site Bicyclist.

“Enough!” thousands demand democratic control of police

Take action now tell Eric Holder to end racist, militarized policing.

All photos by Matthew Weinstein, more photos available from his photography site Bicyclist. "A big, big turnout for justice." Thousands marched in Staten Island On August 23rd. They were protesting police brutality and abuse. They were demanding justice for the victims of that abuse. Eric Garner was placed in an illegal choke hold by a NYPD office several weeks ago. His crime? Selling illegal cigarettes. Despite his protestations and his repeated plea of “I can’t breathe,” despite the fact that he was already subdued, despite the fact that he was surround by cops, the officer continued to choke Mr. Garner. The result? Eric Garner died on the sidewalk, a victim, like so many others, of out-of-control police brutality. These police crimes are then followed by a disturbing lack of transparency and a failure of the justice system to indict, try and convict. Victims are invariably people of color. 

A memorial to Eric Garner at the spot where he was murdered.

A memorial to Eric Garner at the spot where he was murdered.

The time has come for civilian control of the police forces and an end to the militarization of police departments around the country. The sight of tanks and long rifles being aimed at American citizens in American towns like Ferguson, Missouri by a police department in camouflage and armed with military weapons should frighten and anger everybody.

"Enough is enough" complains about police abuse.

“Enough is enough” complaints about police abuse.

The thousands marching in Staten Island today were saying “Enough!” and demanding that democratic control of police become a reality.

Justice and human rights!

Justice and human rights!

Matthew Weinstein is photographer, family man, grandpa, peace activist, computer nut and bicycle lover — thus the title of my site: bicyclist. My father, and his father before him, were in the photography and camera business. The family studios were established in towns in Ukraine. When they emigrated to the United States in the early 1900s they set up a studio in Brooklyn. Mayfair Photo, served Brooklyn’s for many years (established in 1924 on Avenue U). My brother and I inherited that store which is now, sadly, closed. I’ve had a life-long love affair with cameras and photography. My store is gone but my love of the art will never end. Visit his website for some great photography.
Unarmed civilians -hands up . . . don't shoot!

Unarmed civilians -hands up . . . don’t shoot!