Thousands Take Part in National Die-Ins For Michael Brown

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Hundreds of university and high school students staged a “die-in” in Harvard Square, Massachusetts in memory of slain black teenager Michael Brown. (Photo: Kyleaspencer/ Instagram)

At 1:01 PM on Monday afternoon thousands of individuals—a large portion of whom are college and high school students—stopped what they were doing. In acts of remembranceof slain black teenager Michael Brown, people across the country staged die-ins, demonstrations, and fell quiet for four and a half minutes—a protest which they say is “only the beginning.”

In New York City, an estimated 400 protesters stood in Union Square and beat their chests with their hands, mimicking Michael Brown’s heart beating. More than 500 Harvard University and local high school students gathered in Harvard Square where students laid in the streets in a “die-in” in solidarity with Brown and other innocent people killed by police. Outside of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton station, protesters drew chalk bodies on the sidewalk, and in Washington D.C. people convened outside the Department of Justice.

Other protests were held on college campuses across the country, including: Brandeis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of Colorado at Boulder; Texas A&M; Stanford University; Yale University; Jackson State University in Mississippi; and the University of Missouri in St. Louis—just miles away from Ferguson, the community in which Brown lived and was killed.

Images from the demonstrations were shared widely online under the hashtag#HandsUpWalkOut.

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Organized by the group Ferguson Action, the day of action is among other ongoing demonstrations protesting the grand jury’s decision not to indict St. Louis police officer Darren Wilson, who shot the unarmed teen.

“This protest is only the beginning,” Boston Latin high school senior Sydney Fisher told the crowd in Harvard Square. “I am only asking for you help in continuing the conversation of race in America…as youth, we need to step forward and take responsibility for the future of America.”

  • easywriter

    We have passed a turning point…one murder too many with no changes in the system…we will make it change!

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  • TooBad4You

    Eyewitnesses have testified that Brown didn’t have his hands up and rushed the cop moments after a strong arm robbery. Garner resisted arrest and died as a result of chest compression as per the official coroner’s report, not a chokehold. So the “I can’t breathe” and “hands up, don’t shoot” chants don’t hold any substance. If you want to protest something, protest the Staten Island D.A.’s office choice not to include the lesser charges. The protesters all have their own agenda, most of which have nothing to do with seeking justice. The truth is the protesters are too cowardly to take the fight to where it needs to be, against the law makers. It’s a lot more hip and better for social media to protest law enforcement.

  • kevinzeese

    Actually eyewitnesses testified that he did have his hands up, but the prosecutor (who was the officers defense lawyer in this case) did not mention that. Here is a journalism student who went through the transcript of the grand jury and demolishes the false case of the corrupt prosecutor: https://www.popularresistance….

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